Octomom's Former La Habra Octopad Gets Major Makeover

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Brandon Ferguson
Octomom's former home recently received an extreme makeover
What sort of condition did Nadya Suleman leave her two-story La Habra home in when she left town for Palmdale you ask? What's that you say? You didn't ask? Well, we'll tell you anyways!

If you were a neighbor of Suleman, aka Octomom, who lived in the cookie cutter North Hills neighborhood between 2009 and 2011, you would have seen graffiti, rendered artfully by one (or several) of her 14 kids scrawled across the backyard wall. 

And that was just the outside. 

Brandon Ferguson
Staged furniture to lend a sense of home

Remember when Octomom gave TMZ the grand tour in April of last year? There were clothes and other detritus strewn everywhere and the house reportedly only had one working toilet. TMZ managed to snap pics of at least two kids going to the bathroom outside in portable toilets. It was a bad enough scene to trigger a social services investigation. 

Flash forward to today when the home has been restored to its former glory. 

Following a failed attempt to auction the house last summer, work crews sprung into action. Gone now is the graffiti as well as imposing security cameras once affixed to the house's exterior. A lighter-colored paint lends a less foreboding mood to the property, and judging from the sidewalk, it looks as if the home has even been staged with furniture to impress potential buyers. Curbed LA is reporting that the house, which has been outfitted with a new kitchen, overhauled bathrooms and cabinetry is currently on the market for $649,900. 

Hopefully, the new owners will not take fertility drugs... 

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It looks gorgeous. Hard to believe that messy pig lived there. Now I wonder what that McMansion she rented in palmdale looks and smells like inside. 


@boomom03  It is a very beautiful house. This is the first time I have seen it without them living in it. lol

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