The Best Orange County Register Reader Reactions to the Paper's New Paywall

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The Orange County Register's new paywall is not even a day old, and readers are already railing against OC's paper of record in the precious way only they can.

Of course, we're not privy to the phone calls, letters and emails being sent to Reg owner Aaron Kushner, or even the hubub beyond the paywall, but the Register's Facebook page as of this moment is still open to anyone with an opinion about the move--and so far, no one is happening.

Following are screen grabs of the funniest ones so far, and all we can say at this moment is that it's a matter of time before someone blames the Mexicans.

Here you go!


This one goes long, so we just did a bit:


Then there's this. Apologies for the Uncle Joe photo:


And the best one so far:



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