Gustavo's Latest Commentary for KCRW: On Whether OC Needs an Anti-Corruption Commission!

Last week, the Orange County Grand Jury came to a remarkable conclusion: OC is a cesspool of corrupt government, and something needs to be done about it. It was remarkable not so much for its findings (where had the Grand Jury previously gotten its information from--OC Metro?) but for advocating for change. Of course, the usual suspects began blathering--Supervisor Todd Spitzer enthusiastically agreed and tried to take the idea as his own, John Moorlach emphatically laughed, while the District Attorney's office said there was little political corruption in OC, and whatever little there is they're on it and can you please not bring up Mike Carona?

The Grand Jury's report was the subject of my latest "Orange County Line" commentary for KCRW-FM 89.9.


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memory refresh, in 2008 Fullerton Police Officer Rincon molested female detainees in his squad car, suspicious jail suicide of Gochenour, arrested for drunk driving by Fullerton Police Officer Vincent Mater. Gochenour was found hanging in his cell afew hours later . Mater intentionally destroyed his police issued digital recorder that would have recorded any interactions between Officer Mater and Gochenour that fatal night. And let us not forget the horrific video detailing the Fullerton police officers using their bataons, tasers to beat homeless, malnourished Kelly Thomas to death. But wait, it gets better. The Orange County Human Relations Commission executive director, Rusty Kennedy, who promotes his commission as the tax funded county commission commmitted to righting and preventing local law enforcement from abusing the civil rights of OC's community, is a Fullerton homeboy who had the Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley serve on his commission as a representative of law enforcement. why the same year Fullerton Police Officer Rincon was molesting his female detainees, Rusty Kennedy gave Fullerton PD an award for their "exemplary" police-community relations.


OC District Attorney says there is little corruption and Moorlach laughs at the Grand Jury Report as he considers a run for California Governor.  One who follows the corruption in the OC knows that anyone on a Corruption Commission will be gone in a matter of minutes if and when any type of ruling exposes the truths about OC elected officials.  No Commission would have enough authority to clean up the dirt in this County, but with some change as it relates to ELECTED officials who serve the public, not their personal and financial interests, maybe there is hope of ridding the filth via elections.  Unless of course, those who make a choice to run for public office are not destroyed and defamed for exercising their right to make a decision to run for public office. 

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