[UPDATE: Drug Czar Spills the Beans:] Obama Administration: Recreational Marijuana Response Will Be All About the Kids

See the update at the end of this post about Obama's drug czar spilling the beans on the prez's "new" pot policy.

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It's hard to say whether this is good news or bad news, but the Denver Post has an intriguing update on the Obama Admnistration's response to Washington and Colorado voters legalizing recreational weed.

According to an April 18 article in the newspaper, Attorney General Eric Holder says that while the U.S. Justice Dept. isn't ready to announce a formal response to those initiatives, the shape it will take will depend on how recreational weed affects children"When it comes to these marijuana initiatives, I think among the things we'll have to consider is the impact on children," Holder testified during a hearing last week of a congressional appropriations subcommittee. "We are certainly going to enforce federal law."

So what does that mean, exactly?

One way to read Holder's comment is that Obama, who in December told ABC News that he wasn't going to intervene in the democratic process unfolding in Washington and Colorado, may leave those states alone, since the new laws only allow adults 21 and older to smoke weed recreationally. As long as the states enforce the law and prevent teenagers from getting access to all that newly liberated pot, in other words, perhaps the feds will steer clear.

But therein lies the rub: even in California, where you have to have a doctor's note to obtain medical marijuana, kids are showing up at their local elementary schools with their parents' pot brownies. This just happened in Costa Mesa, where several children shared just one such edible and had to be rushed to the hospital, and the story made national headlines. (The kid who brought the brownie on campus was expelled). 

One would assume that if any such mishaps occur in Seattle or Denver, the feds will take notice. According to Holder, though, the feds are also watching to see whether there's an increase in organized crime activity or general violence and mayhem in the two states. He promises that the Obama administration's formal policy in response to recreational weed will be announced soon. 

Stay tuned!

UPDATE, APRIL 25, 12:15 P.M.: Well, that didn't take long. The Obama Administration's drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske doesn't want any stoners thinking that now that two states have legalized recreational marijuana smoking for adults, the feds are backing down on the drug war. 

"No state, no executive, can nullify a statute that's been passed by Congress," the former Seattle police chief stated in a Washington D.C. speech. "From our standpoint, as a public health issue, nothing has changed as a result of those two votes."

The Obama administration's recently unveiled budget includes just over $10 billion in funding for anti-drug education and treatment programs, slightly more than the allocation for domestic law enforcement. 

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

I was in San Francisco on 4/20. I went to run in Golden Gate Park on 4/21. You stoners are fucking slobs, litter was all over the park. Time was I respected you -- thought you were into 'nature' and all that. Not any more, you're just fucking idiots with substance abuse issues.


no one in the more then 3000 years of recorded pot use has any one died from the active ingredient in pot THC can not kill even in high quantities ppl have died from fertilizers used pesticides used mites mold fungus and allergic reaction but no one has died from THC its self even your body makes a cannabinoid your body has the endocannabinoid system ECS which for all intent and purpose is the same thing as pot are gov keeps lying to us saying there is no studies even tho thy used are tax dollars to pay for the studies thy say dose not exist why because every study on pot ses the same thing its non harmful and has medical use like ms sizers pain relief anti anxiety and general well being most regular pot heads do not get colds as often and when thy do it last less time pot also kills free radical which case the aging process so you look and feel younger then some one the same age who never smoked pot it is also good for kids with adhd (not saying every kid should be on pot but the ones who are being medicated with man maid chemicals that are slowly killing them and turning them in to zombies there bodys are ther but thy are not) IF YOU ARE A GOD FEARING MAN THEN YOU NEED TO SAY POT IS GOOD BECAUSE GOD MADE POT AND GAVE IT TO MAN FOR HIS CONSUMPTION if you don't believe me just read the begining of you bible it says GOD GAVE MAN ALL SEED BARING PLANTS FOR HIM TO EAT OR USE AS MEDICINE so if you say pot is bad you say god is bad now there is the flip side god also uses gluttony is a sin and gluttony is taking anything to exes but most americans are gluttons anyways look at cigarette use alcohol use coffee use candy consumption in this day in age your USDA certified stake is more harmful then weed you get those bovine growth hormones and you think tofu is safe sarry pot is still better for you in the soy bean tofu is made of is the plant form of estrogen so men grow boobs from the stuff and parents all across the world are feeding that you ther mail children and its not just bad for the boys its bad for your girls to thy get to much estrogen to young and it starts puberty erly you girls will have their periods when there 7 or 8 insted of 11 or 12 it kicksin menopose erly so you will start that in you 20 or 30 insted of you 40 or 50 mening if you wate to have kids like alot of ppl are doing and you think you are eating helthy cus you arnt getting the meat whell you just might not be able to have kids becus you hit menopose in your 20 or 30 a lot of the anti depresents out ther case more harme then addicting them to pot and as for kids taking pot brownies to school i can think of a few things kids have taken to school like guns knifes alcohal cigerets and yes im talking elemintery age kids heck when i was in elementry school i know kid who smoked pot on the playgroung and never got coght thinks to prohibition we have more acces more knolige of what is out ther we have a flurishing black market you can go to any city in the us and get pot with out much efort i have smoken in many states and never took it acrosed state lines thinks to the prohibiton we have a triving drug culter that has never ben seen befor befor prohibition maybe 1 out of 100 ppl smoked pot or even knew what it was now its every whare talk about making a brand thinks fed gov for making my pot so exesable by making a black market for a plant that has never killed any one and making it so cheap think you for making the only option for me to get my drug  is threw the black market whare us dollers disapear and guns and street gang apear if ther was never a war on deugs i belev we would have never herd of gangs like bloods cripts nortos sarainos pleas eric holder keep leting those orginisations flurish with you in efective laws that do more to harme a comunity then help think you for helping crate a problome that did not exist befor the war on drugs 


These are precursor statements that their tyranny will be imposed


I really wish we had an Attorney General who actually knew the facts about the things he works with in his job.  I think I probably know more about marijuana than him along with most of Americans.  Why aren't we offered a nice job like that (I bet he doesn't take drug tests)?


Kids have the ability to get marijuana from the street now much easier than they do alcohol and that is in almost every house in the country. No one supports letting anyone under 18 smoke weed just like kids shouldn't be drinking alcohol.  But children do what they are not supposed to.  I for one would much rather have my child come home high than drunk.  Anyone who says different really isn't educated about how much more dangerous alcohol (and even ciggarrettes) are.


@JayelleFarmer Anyone convicted of these non violent  "drug crimes" in the past need to be let out of prison immediatley. I don't understand why they haven't started letting people go in the two states that have legalized it.  They broke an old law which is no longer in effect.

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