Surf City Kink Concern Gives Sparkly New Meaning to Titty Twisters

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We're used to seeing women with bedazzled earrings, nose rings, eyebrow piercings and hoops, cheek piercings and hoops, lip piercings and hoops, tongue studs . . . you get the idea. But now a Huntington Beach wholesaler is hawking a new line of gold or bejeweled or otherwise colorful versions of its fastest-growing eye-catchers:

Nipple clamps.

Indeed, Sex Toy Distributing Co., which sells adult products of all types to sex shops around the country, reports the BDSM market for women is "booming," especially when it comes to such fetish mainstays as floggers, strap-ons and, yes, nipple clamps.

Trinity Vibes makes vibrating pink nipple clamps.
"Manufacturers have responded to rising nipple clamp sales with lines of alligator, tweezer and other popular styles that are as much a fashion adornment as they are sex accessories," reads a company statement. "Featuring colorful pinks, golds, purples and dangling beads, jewels and charms, these all-time favorites make a style statement that shoppers love."

You can almost picture a woman jealously whispering to a friend in the supermarket checkout line about the dangling teat tightener visible under the lady checker's top.

In case you were wondering, some nipple clamps can be set to vibrate, and Sex Toy Distributing reports it also stocks colorful and ornate floggers, paddles and other "sensation accessories."

"It's fascinating to see trends like these develop and grow from the eye of a distributor, especially when they show rising popularity in categories once considered too 'kinky,'" Beth Brown, the company's senior manager, says in the release. "Now we're seeing BDSM items in an array of attractive and eye-catching colors with materials and accents that are irresistibly soft and sensual to the skin. BDSM manufacturers have officially found the balance between form, function and fashion and we're excited to bring these new designs to retailers worldwide!"

It's unclear if that exclamation point was caused by Brown truly being excited or if her nipple clamps had just shook like a wet puppies. What is clear is if you are a retailer interested in products like these and others, you need to visit or email As for me, I'll be polishing off my first draft of Two Shades of Beet Red.

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