Nicholas Cendoya Leaves Hospital Talking About Amnesia, Afterlife and Return to Canyon

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The first of two rescued Trabuco Canyon hikers to be released from the hospital had something to say Sunday.

So have many critics of Nicholas Cendoya; more on that later.

First, Mission Viejo's Mission Hospital released a photo and statement from the 19-year-old, who later gave a press conference before finally heading home to Costa Mesa.

Here is the statement the hospital released:

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Courtesy of Joel Rahmatulia/
Mission Hospital
Nick Cendoya beams from his bed.
There are so many people to thank. I want to thank all those who never stopped trying to find me and Kyndall [Jack], especially Amanda and her friends who were the ones to find me. To my parents, friends and family--so many supporters I didn't even know I had. Thanks to all the nurses and doctors here at Mission for the great care I've gotten.

I want to thank the officer for risking his life to save Kyndall, and wish him the best in his recovery. I also want to thank the firefighters who climbed up to save me. And, I want to thank the media for keeping attention on us to help get us rescued.

The whole time I was lost, I felt the presence of Jesus and my friend, Carlos, who died last year of cancer. I felt they were both with me, inspiring me to stay alive. I was so relieved to hear that Kyndall was found and will be okay. I can't wait to see her face-to-face and give her a big hug. I just want to see for myself that she's okay.

Later, at the press conference outside Mission Hospital, Cendoya explained he and Jack decided to hang out for the first time by going "on an Easter adventure" to Holy Jim Trail, which is popular with Trabuco Canyon day hikers. But they would get lost, only get a couple cellphone help calls off before the battery died and then, heading down the mountain, get separated.

 Cendoya would fall.

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