[W/VIDEO] 250 Protestors Gather Outside Gates of Irvine's Shady Canyon Neighborhood to Mess With GOP Fundraiser

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Conservative activist and friend of the show Allan Bartlett was in Irvine yesterday when he noticed a group of protestors just outside the gates of the city's exclusive Shady Canyon neighborhood. Bartlett being Bartlett, he filmed the protestors, called them a bunch of losers--but was really polite about it.

It was a rally organized by a group called Moms Demand Action, and its OC contingent brought out 250 folks to boring-ass Irvine--GREAT job! And the reason they picked Shady Canyon was because House Speaker/supreme gasbag John Boehner was at the Shady Canyon home of Congressman/supremer gasbag John Campbell for a fundraiser--GREATER job!

Anyhoo, here's Bartlett's video, and we'll put up video from the Moms' side once it's up. And advice to Allan--next time you do running commentary, be funnier. Don't be Matt Cunningham-esque in your weenieness, you know?

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vegandawg23 topcommenter

I biked by this little demonstration and was disgusted that people who live in a gated community with armed guards seek to deny people who cannot afford such security the means to defend themselves. Shame on you people. 

Don Gotti
Don Gotti

Facts>Feelings Dog Piles>boehner/Campbell Molon labe, bitches.

n2bigmuscle topcommenter

Defending??  Oh, you want another Cathy Gifford story.  If they are so poor, why did you not give them your bike?  I don't have a bike, I want a bike, give me your bike.  Isn't that how it works now?  No one earns anything.

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