Awesome Mexicans-Are-Missing-in-OC-History Quote of the Week!

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"You talk in Fullerton and you hear about the citrus orchard grower himself, but they (longtime Fullerton residents) don't talk very much about the Mexican labor. It's as if somehow or other the orchards got fumigated; and they suddenly had fruit ripening; and they were irrigated somehow or other; and the fruit was picked; but the Mexican labor--it just isn't discussed.

--Interviewer B.E. Schmidt, during a 1968 oral history on file at the Center for Oral and Public History at Cal State Fullerton. Schmidt was asking a Fullerton old-timer about Mexican labor in the city, and why the Mexican side was never discussed or acknowledge; the old-timer wouldn't respond.

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

"Sicko Juan Corona rots in jail after mass killings on California fruit farms"

"In the spring of 1971, fruit farms around Yuba City, Calif., 40 miles north of Sacramento, brought forth a harvest of horror — dead men, mutilated — some beyond recognition — and buried in peach orchards.

Eventually, investigators would dig up 25 victims, most of them white male vagrants or transient farm workers. They were known as “fruit tramps,” wanderers who picked peaches for a few days and then moved on.

Now, I'm sure 'fruit tramps' weren't quite as reliable as Mexicans who lived in colonias, but the fruit got picked. Those guys you see today collecting aluminum cans would probably be picking fruit right now.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Do we talk about Henry Ford, or the guys on the assembly line? Do we talk about Hearst, or the journalists who worked for him? Do we talk about MacArthur, or the grunts who did the actual fighting?

Come to think about it, who talks about citrus growers anyways?


You're right - they don't like to talk about those things. I reminded my mom about Mexicans being discriminated against at the Orange Park "Plunge" pool - now Hart Park. All she said was that, at the time she, felt really bad about it. 

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