Martha Socorro Marin Dies from BB Gunshot

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Martha Socorro Marin, R.I.P.
A Santa Ana man claims he accidentally shot and killed his girlfriend of 14 years, the same woman who bore him two children.

The weapon: a BB gun.

Daisy Rifle makers are on the way to lobby pols to stop Obama now!

Santa Ana Police were called to 32-year-old Martha Socorro Marin's home around 11:45 a.m. Thursday and discovered she was unconscious with a small wound in her upper chest.

Paramedics performed CPR, but she later died at UCI Medical Center in Orange.

The unidentified, 34-year-old man of the guesthouse--the couple lived in a structure at the back of her parents' property--told cops he accidentally shot her with a BB rifle. No arrests have been made so far, but the investigation continues, with hopes the autopsy will provide some answers.

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I call Bullshit! I'll bet my bottom dollar it was on purpose.

vegandawg23 topcommenter

@ocsurfgirl You're a moron. Who the hell's gonna try to murder someone by shooting them with a bb gun?!? Suffocating them with a pillow is way more effective. Or stabbing them with a kitchen knife. Poison. Etc etc etc. Hell pushing someone down a staircase is more effective than shooting them with a daisy bb gun. You never saw a christmas story?!? Ralphie gets shot in the eye and just gets some red mark. Stop posting please.




You're a dick. Oh, it would be so out of the question that she was a victim of domestic violence? Yeah, that never happens. And you're saying that all violence is pre-meditated and intended to end in murder?  I bet he SHOT her on purpose. People have died from bb gun shot wounds by the way. As a matter of fact one right here in OC Fucknut. How about someone holds a bb gun up to your chest or abdomen or head and fires it and let's see what happens? Think it won't cause fatal damage to an artery or vital organ?  

 My neighbor's dog was shot in the chest with a pellet gun by some evil, little shit head kids. The dog had to have emergency surgery and barely survived only because it narrowly missed the heart.

Let's see if the DA files charges.

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