Mark Wesley Anderson and Jaeleesa Jaemika Smith or Chuncey Tarae Garcia and Cierra Melissa Robinson: Who'd You Rather?

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I believe has been nominated for a Peabody for its regular "Who Would You Rather?" post, which asks which of two notables--like, from a recent one, Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears--readers would rather bone. (The feature is no doubt based on Reader's Digest's "Marry, Fuck, Kill.")

Well, ripped from the local court docket, is the following "Who Would You Rather?" pitting two couples of alleged pimps/human traffickers against one another.

Both couples have something else in common: each is facing charges based on Proposition 35, the anti-human trafficking initiative California voters approved in November.

Up first, Mark Wesley Anderson and Jaeleesa Jaemika Smith.
Anderson photo by; Smith photo by
Mark Wesley Anderson and Jaleesa Jaemika Smith
Their competition, Chuncey Tarae Garcia and Cierra Melissa Robinson.

Chuncey-Tarae-Garcia_Cierra-Melissa- Robinson_ocda.jpg
Photos courtesy of Orange County District Attorney's office
Chuncey Tarae Garcia and Cierra Melissa Robinson
Anderson, 27, of Seattle, Washington, is accused of meeting a 30-year-old woman who he later asked to work for him as a prostitute, according to an Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) statement that indicates the lady declined.

But, believing they were in a romantic relationship, she traveled in March with Anderson on what she believed to be an Idaho vacation with two other women, one of whom was 25-year-old Smith of Salem, Oregon. Once in Idaho, Anderson informed the 30-year-old they were short on money and she'd have to turn tricks to bring in some income, alleges the OCDA, which notes that to punctuate the point, he allegedly beat the other woman with a wire hanger.

Smith is accused by prosecutors of being Anderson's enforcer, telling the 30-year-old how much she must charge for various sex acts, denying her food and sleep if she did not return with enough money and forbidding her from using the bathroom unless Anderson did first. Smith is alleged to have hit the woman and taken and sold her food stamps as part of enforcing the rules

Between March 25-27, the woman was driven by Smith and Anderson to Orange County, where she was forced to walk the streets of areas known for prostitution areas, according to the OCDA, which adds the alleged pimp also posted personal ads for the woman's services. The defendants would collect all the money and deny the woman food and sleep if she did not meet her daily quotas in Anaheim, prosecutors claim.

She managed to break away and call a relative, who contacted the Anaheim Police Department, which investigated and arrested Smith and Anderson on March 27. He was also holding Ecstasy for sale, alleges the OCDA.

Anderson and Smith are charged with felony human trafficking of an adult, pimping, and pandering by procuring. Anderson also faces a felony count of possession for sale of a controlled substance. If convicted, Anderson he could get up to 20 years and eight months in state prison, while Smith is looking at 20 years herself.

Details on the case against Garcia and Robinson, which involves a 14-year-old girl, follow on the next page . . .

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