Dr. Lawrence H. Hansen, 87, Gives Up License 5 Years After Fatal Vaginal Reconstruction

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A plastic surgeon we've written about who, at age 83, performed a vaginal reconstruction that left a 39-year-old woman dead, has finally surrendered his medical license.

Dr. Lawrence H. Hansen, who is now 87 and lives in Cypress, had in 2011 accepted 35 months of probation to settle Medical Board of California accusations of negligence.

The board had previously found Hansen failed to check on Marcia Garcia's medical history or perform an exam before surgery in March 2008 at Hills Surgical Institute in Anaheim Hills. She bled during the procedure, and then underwent liposuction by a different doctor. The mother of five later suffered a heart attack and died. The coroner blamed an accidental puncture wound.

Dr. Lawrence Hansen, 85, Agrees to Probation to Settle Vaginal-Reconstruction Death Case

Online medical board records show Hansen's surrender of license became effective Tuesday.

He'd first popped up on the Weekly's radar in a report about another plastic surgeon at the then-unaccredited outpatient center surrendering his license.

Dr. Mark A. Knight, Anaheim Hills Plastic Surgeon Accused of Sexy Time With Patients and Botched Surgeries, Surrenders His Medical License

Dr. Mark A. Knight took over the Anaheim Hills practice from another doctor who had surrendered his license.

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JGlanton topcommenter

He shouldn't be driving a car, either. When he goes to the filling station, I'll wager that he inflates his tires with water, fills his wiper reservoir with coffee, urinates in his gas filler neck, and jams the gas nozzle in his ear when his phone rings.

Shannon Tiare
Shannon Tiare

Now to do away with vaginal reconstruction surgeries altogether.

EliteFitness Corps
EliteFitness Corps

Sad case, but cmon...83yr olds shuldnt even b driving and ur goin 2 let him Vaaaaaaay dwn there?!! I culd use a vasectomy, where do I sign up?!! Smh!

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

Admit that you wrote that article just for the headline.

Michele Martinez
Michele Martinez

I wouldn't let an 83 year old man down there for ANY reason!

John Hald
John Hald

who would let an old ass man do surgery on them anyway?

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