Dwight Howard Visits Kobe Bryant in Newport Coast; Let's Hope Victory Magic Rubbed Off

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Dwight Howard recently went to Newport Coast to cheer up Kobe Bryant, according to a photo the Los Angeles Lakers' ailing captain posted on his new Instagram page.

Let's hope a little Black Mamba magic rubbed off on the Lakers center, who is tasked tonight with helping to dispense with the Houston Rockets so the purple and gold can secure a playoff spot.

The image shows Bryant on crutches flanked by Howard (holding Kobe's dog) and teammate Jodie "Get Buckets" Meeks:

The injured superstar included these hashtags: "#Lakers #Playoffs #Countonteammates." It's nice to see Howard made the gesture and Bryant obviously appreciated it given the bitter words the two have exchanged (via locker room reporters) over the course of a difficult season.

Bryant, who's only been on Instagram for less than a week, had also posted a photo of him with Pau Gasol (or the Westworld replica of the Spaniard):

Kobe's bilingual description and tags: "Con mi hermano! #lakers #countonpau #mambaedits ha."

Now go out and win one for The Gimper.

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