Kevin E. Harris, Costa Mesa Bomb Maker Who Blew Self Up, Left Bombs and Weird Manifesto

Not quite to the scale of the Boston Marathon explosions, a blast at the Costa Mesa home of a 52-year-old man police and paramedics had come to aid two hours earlier Sunday killed the resident, who it turned out had other bombs on the premises.

Not quite to the scale of Christopher Dorner's online manifesto, the bizarre ramblings of the late Kevin E. Harris were also posted on the Internet.

(So far, two people are dead and 23 have been injured as a result of two blasts that went off near the Boston Marathon finish line, with two more explosive devices were found. See the video here.)

"I am at 3152 Bermuda Dr., Costa Mesa, CA, USA. You can tell it's me because I am the only one who can get into my house," reads the 17,000-word essay by Harris titled "The Pricker: A True Story of Assassination, Terrorism And High Treason." Included are references to aliens, the government, the O.J. Simpson trial and "an assassins weapon" known as "the pricker" that is said to deposit "biological agents into a victim's skin, on contact, without their knowledge."

And to think, former La Palma resident Dorner only mentioned celebrities and government officials he liked, others he disliked and a whole bunch of cops he had in the sights of a personal weapon arsenal that would make a Second Amendment lover weak in the knees. Dorner's was published on Facebook a day after he is believed to have killed an Irvine couple, and before two cop killings were pinned on him before he apparently took his own life.

Harris writes of his residence, "I think it may be dangerous for you to come to my house alone." Those words would prove to be true.

Sunday's local drama began around 5:40 pm., when police and paramedics responded to a medical aid call at the Bermuda Drive home, where Harris was believed to have fallen near the front porch. But first responders found him seated on the front porch and, when asked, he showed he could return inside his nome without help. He declined any medical attention or other assistance, according to a statement from Costa Mesa Police Lt. Greg Scott, the department spokesman.

Two hours later, officers were called to the same address about an explosion. "Harris was found lying in the open front doorway, dead from ìnjuries suffered in the blast," Scott relates. "He was believed to be the home's sole resident."

Without knowing about the manifesto, authorities feared there may be other explosives or hazardous materials inside the home. More than a dozen surrounding residences were evacuated as a sweep was made of the home with the help of the Orange County Bomb Squad.

The search, which was continuing today, produced three more explosive devices, two of which were detonated in a protected mobile unit, Scott said.

Anyone with information that can help investigators is asked to contact the Costa Mesa Police Detective Bureau at 714.754.5087.

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18usc241 topcommenter

AKA what happens when your too busy flushing tax dollars and police resources covering up your trailer trash. 

Meghann Kelly
Meghann Kelly

what is a manifesto? is that like a journal (i know.. look it up right?) i'm hearing that word more and more.. especially with that 'rogue' cop incident.. manifesto..

Vickie Perez
Vickie Perez

This is getting way too weird & serious.

John Hald
John Hald

better himself than innocent people.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@Douglas Mason He looks dreamy. Thanks for sharing, Douglas.

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