Jenna Jameson Has a Clubbing New Birthday Party Set After Arrest-Spiked Anaheim Affair

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The last time Jenna Jameson was fixing to celebrate her 39th birthday, she didn't make it to Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim due to her getting arrested at a Newport Beach nail salon for allegedly assaulting her transgender personal assistant with a cellphone holder that resembles brass knuckles. But she's off to Hollywood Friday night to try to get the birthday partying right this time.

Fortunately for the porn princess, who tweeted the following picture Tuesday afternoon, nothing ever goes wrong on the Hollywood strip:

The morning before that went up, Jameson had tweeted this:

Though the Orange County DA's office declined to file assault charges against Jameson, she has moved out of her Huntington Harbour home, where baby daddy Tito Ortiz now has custody of their twin boys.

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tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

"Though the Orange County DA's office declined to file assault charges against Jameson".

But the DA wants me to spend 2 months in jail for an elder abuse charge that never happened because the old man that I was caretaker for lied to the paramedics at the scene when he suffered an attack because he has alzheimers/dementia disease and has dementia with Lewey Bodies. He's stupid and can't control his bowel movements. He was seen by me with feces all over his body and even threw the stuff at me once. He attacked me on several different occasions unprovoked and they want me to spend time in jail for this fool. He even attacked a bus driver. And attacked me while I was driving a camper.


Nothing ever goes wrong..or you might mean everything always goes wrong, so same difference. Those are some icky looking legs tatoos too..

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