[UPDATED with Tito Takes Kids:] Jenna Jameson Accused of Brass Knuckle Beat Down

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See Update No. 4 at the bottom of page 2 on Tito Ortiz taking custody of his kids with Jenna.

See Update Nos. 1-3 on page 2 with the name and hospital photo of the transgender porn star "victim;" the
restraining order request claiming Jameson beat her with brass knuckles; and the DA declining to prosecute.

Previous booking photo
ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 8, 8:17 A.M.: What's the deal with birthdays and Jenna Jameson?

The celebrations seem to result in legal problems for the porn princess-turned-Huntington Harbour mom.

The latest found her arrested Saturday night in Newport Beach.

She came by a party somewhere on the Balboa Pen on her way to a celebration of her birthday at Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim.

But things turned ugly in Newps around 8 p.m. when Jameson and another woman began fighting. Physically. (Note to Jen: next time use that choke hold Tito Ortiz, uh, showed you.)

The other woman managed to put Jameson under citizen's arrest and flag down a Newport Beach police officer, who arrested Jameson for suspected assault and battery. If the Orange County District Attorney's office determines there is enough evidence of a crime, she could face charges and possible time behind bars.

But, according to Jameson's favorite method of communicating with the world--The Twitter--her supposed friend broke into the celeb's home and stole from her and then accused Jameson of "gusting her," whatever that means.

What it meant for Club Jenna was missing that bash at Heat Ultra Lounge.

It was attending a March 2011 birthday party in Hollywood for gossip hag Perez Hilton that resulted in a judge slapping Jameson with a $92,000 court judgement. She was supposed to be making appearances in Illinois movie theaters showing her flick Zombie Strippers, but she cancelled at the last minute, claiming to be ill.

Jenna Jameson Must Produce a lot of Bones; $92,000 Judgment in Zombie Strippers Suit

Don't know if there was birthday bash associated with Jameson slamming her Range Rover into a Westminster utility pole early one morning in May 2012. That resulted in convictions for misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent or more and three years of probation three months of anti-boozing classes.

Jenna Jameson DUI Sentence Puts the Probe in Probation

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