Dr. Van Vu Linked to 17th Patient O.D. Death

Add another to the body count for Dr. Van Vu of California Pain Center in Fountain Valley.

Already being investigated by the Medical Board of California for the deaths of 16 patients he prescribed powerful medications to, there is now reportedly a 17th deceased patient.

Huntington Beach 55-year-old Wayne Oviatt, who suffered from chronic pain, died of a prescription drug overdose, reports the Los Angeles Times, which also qualifies that the patient obtained drugs from other doctors besides Vu.

The Times linked the death through coroner records and did not indicate whether it has yet been rolled into the medical board probe launched earlier this year of 16 deaths connected to powerful narcotics prescribed by Vu. The physician's attorney reportedly said at time his client was cooperating with investigators.

Dr. Van Vu of California Pain Center in Fountain Valley Probed for String of 16 Patient Deaths

The lawyer was also said to reveal Vu was unaware of many of the deaths and that the treatment of some chronic pain sufferers is complicated by drug abuse and depression.

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It is extremely unfortunate to see another loss.  But should also blame the family since they have a better idea of how the patient was abusing drugs with alcohol and maybe other recreational drugs.  Patients will do anything they can to act "normal" and "compliant" with the doctor's instructions.....but when they go home.....the doctor has no control in what they do and how many pills they can take at one time.  Now everyone blames the doctor? 

paullucas714 topcommenter

And to think Aaron Sandusky is sitting in a Federal Prison in Texas for running a medical marijuana dispensary that was licensed by the city and in full compliance of State law.


@Mitchell_Young His real name is Tuan Vu. Not the same guy. He now plays poker. His highest finish at the World Series of Poker in the Main Event was 22nd.

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