[UPDATED with Suit Filed:] Daniel Lee Duvall Claims Lipstick Bounty Hunters Blinded His Eye

See the update on the next page about a lawsuit being filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 5, 3:23 P.M.: Based on the number of times I see a Lipstick Bounty Hunters vehicle, an employee either resides near someone I visit weekly in Long Beach or perps are routinely busted there.

The California Secretary of State puts at least one of the all-female bounty hunting crew's offices in Lakewood, but it was in Huntington Beach where Lipstickers are accused of severely injuring a man whose bail bond had been revoked, leaving him blind in one eye.

San Diego attorney Dan Gilleon vows that by the end of today he will have filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Lipstick Bounty Hunters on behalf of his 35-year-old client Daniel Lee Duvall, who is also said to have suffered a broken nose when three women dressed in pink hit him with a stun gun, pepper-sprayed him and shot him with rubber bullets at an Arby's recently. The incident was caught on video Lipstick Bounty Hunters posted online:

Sucks to be Duvall is how the Lipstick Bounty Hunters are essentially responding to the lawsuit threat, saying they are so sure they will prevail they will represent themselves should the matter make it to court.

Gilleon may be characterizing what happened to Duvall as assault and battery and use of excessive force, but bounty hunting company owner Teresa Golt says not enough force was used because the man got away. (He was eventually arrested Tuesday night.) Bounty hunters are allowed by law to use enough force to make an arrest, Golt added.

Meanwhile, the description her company included with the video above claims Gilleon tried to hide Duvall and that the ladies were threatened with death if they showed up to take the bail jumper in.

Duvall is now out after finally making bail, free to sue again.

UPDATE, APRIL 10, 4:13 P.M.: As promised, Daniel Lee Duvall's lawyer has filed a lawsuit against the Lipstick Bounty Hunters and several bail bond companies in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

No total damage award sought in mentioned in the suit, which claims the bounty hunters and bail bond companies deprived Duvall of his civil rights and are guilty of negligence, battery, false arrest and breach of contract.

His complaint claims Lipstick Bounty Hunter Cathy Kessler, who also works for 101 Bail Bonds, arranged to meet Duvall at the Arby's at 7942 Edinger Ave., Huntington Beach, to go over paperwork on March 18. But he arrived to find Kessler, Roni Faciante and other women there to arrest him, states the suit, which adds one lady had a camera.

"Duvall reasonably believed he was under assault and about to be battered by three unidentified, unprofessional and agitated women and a cameraperson, three of whom were wearing bright pink shirts, and two pointing what appeared to Duvall to be handguns at him in a public place where other Arby's patrons were also placed in immediate and severe danger," reads the suit.

"Despite the `keystone cops' level of absurdity depicted in the video they created of themselves, the Lipstick defendants uploaded their epic failure to their youtube.com account [see original post], defaming Duvall and other innocent people in the process."

Faciante reportedly told the Long Beach Press Telegram that they will file a counter claim against Duvall today "based on extortion, inciting terrorist threats, false accusation, slander and economic harm," adding, "We don't agree with anything they have to say."

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daniel duvall just totally proved that lipstick bounty hunters were not crazy and out of line too excessive and because if he could stone cold take the life of his own blood relative over an arguement, there is no saying what he would do to someone who isn't his family if he had access at that time. then run away like a coward. haahah Its hard to be heard from a jail cell @iegarrison56. @LIPSTICKBOUNTYHUNTERS MORE POWER TO YOU LADIES!


Put those BITCHES out of buisness! Who the hell do they think they are? Get them Mr. Duvall! GOOD LUCK!


why the fuck isn't any of them arrested for assault?


Cathy Kessler, the 80's called and wants its hairstyle back. Sheesh.

Jeff Babiak
Jeff Babiak

Glad I wasn't in that Arby's at the time. I live up the street.


" Sucks to be Duvall is how the Lipstick Bounty Hunters are essentially responding to the lawsuit threat, saying they are so sure they will prevail they will represent themselves should the matter make it to court." wow they think they will prevail representing themselves.  ha ha in civil litigation, if a corp, llc, llp is a party to litigation they must be represented by an attorney.  an individual may represent themselves.  good luck girls, i bet they are all blonde, playing bounty hunter... what a joke, they have harmed someone for the remaining years of his life, seeing out of only one eye. i hope they take how they harmed someone seriously.  

Chris Becerra
Chris Becerra

Those women are psychotic... One of them threatened to stab me after I towed her car that was parked illegally at her apartment complex... Then when they all showed up to pick up the jeep they were perfect examples of why inbreeding is a bad idea

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