Dana Rohrabacher's Path to Citizenship Would Include a Stop Where Immigrants Plead Guilty

At least you can say this about Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach): He's no Ken Calvert, the House Republican out of Riverside who says he might consider some kind of legal status for members of the undocumented class who jump through hoops, but not full citizenship. Rohrabacher, meanwhile, is among House hardliners reacting to the Senate's 844-page, "Gang of Eight" immigration-reform bill with one of their own that would force people in this country illegally to plead guilty to a crime before applying for citizenship.

It goes further still by imposing probation terms on these legal-status seekers.

Finding "reform" and "amnesty" synonymous, Rohrabacher tells KPCC that legalizing the residency of people who are here illegally would do nothing but "bring more millions of people here to the United States in order to have their status normalized and put their families into a position to get benefits and take jobs."

The Pasadena public-radio station also hears from Jorge-Mario Cabrera of the Campaign for Humane Immigration Rights of Los Angeles. He says any legislation "should not rest on the notion that immigrants must be embarrassed, degraded or taken through undignified and unnecessary steps."

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Entering the US anyway but through a valid port of entry, with valid documents, is a criminal misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in the Penn. Lying -- as in saying you are here for tourism when you fully intend to get a job and overstay your visa -- to an immigration office is the same deal. Signing an I-9 without authorization to work is perjury -- and if you don't think the Feds put folks on ice for lying to their exalted selves, talk to Martha Stewart.

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