Brian Joseph Eastman Alert! Have You Seen Man Alleged to Shoot Up Skirts? Because He May Have Seen A LOT of You

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Nothing really stands out when you look at Brian Joseph Eastman, but the Tustin Police Department hopes some ladies out there in Viewerland will recognize the 25-year-old Irvine resident.

And if they do, these females may discover Eastman has photos and videos of them and, even creepier, what's up their skirts.

Cops were called to the TJ Maxx store at 2817 Park Ave, Tustin, on March 22 about a guy shooting photos or videos up the skirts of unsuspecting female shoppers. Or so he thought, because one woman later told police the fellow positioned himself in such a way to use himself and a store pillar to block her in and use his phone to document her glory land.

Eastman was arrested, and Tustin Police say they found several secretly recorded videos and digital photographs of unidentified women at various retail stores and residential locations. "The video evidence we have contains footage of the unidentified victim's faces as well as the
indecent footage," reads a statement from Lt. Paul Garaven, the Tustin PD spokesman.

He goes on to explain the department is not releasing the footage at this time, but they are hoping females recognize the fellow and contact the department so it can be determined if they show up in the footage. Besides residing in Irvine and hitting stores in Tustin, Eastman works in Santa Ana, Garaven notes.

Here's a larger look at him:

Anyone with information that can help investigators is asked to call Detective Natalie Nguyen at 714.573.3253.

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This him at Abbott Medical Optics ? (they may have a job open now if anyone is looking

Brian Eastman |

Brian Eastman. Mechanical Program Engineer at Abbott Medical Optics Location Orange County, California Area ... Irvine B.S., Mechanical …

Peyton Farquhar
Peyton Farquhar

I will allow Eastman's camera in my skivvies so he can take an action shot of me shooting explosive diarrhea all over his shiny little iCrap phone.

Brandon Mahrt
Brandon Mahrt

he better not have looked up my skirt or he may be in for a surprise


@Brandon Mahrt That you wear a skirt is surprise enough Brandon

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