Did Bobby Hatfield Lose That Livin' Feelin' from Plot in Costa Mesa Suicide Bomber's Essay?

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Confession time: Like many in the media, I looked at Kevin E. Harris blowing himself up, having covered his Costa Mesa house in foil to prevent the government from reading his mind and writing the gubment was also behind the killings of Nicole Brown Simpson, John Lennon and everyone who perished in the the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks as indicators the 52-year-old was . . . well . . . at the risk of speaking ill of the dead . . . somewhat off. But upon closer inspection of his 17,000-word essay, this reporter can categorically state Harris was onto something regarding the late Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield.

Grab a cup, this is gonna take some 'splainin' . . .

Kevin E. Harris: onto something?
Harris was found dead Sunday evening in the doorway of his home at 3152 Bermuda Dr., Costa Mesa, from a bomb blast. Police later found two unexploded devices inside.

He'd previously posted online and printed hard copies of his essay, "The Pricker: A True Story of Assassination, Terrorism And High Treason." It's about "an assassins weapon" known as "the pricker" that the government and other evil doers use to deposit "biological agents into a victim's skin, on contact, without their knowledge," so the targets contract MS, AIDS, cancer and diseases that haven't even been invented yet.

"It can be deployed in the palm of a hand, or hidden in a ring worn on a finger," Harris wrote. "The pricker is capable of inducing a wide array of lethal, potentially lethal and non-lethal conditions."

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Because the Costa Mesa man knew of this threat and exposed its super-dooper-top-secret existence to others, they became victims. It's why Reps. Dana Rohrabacher, Ed Royce and Linda and Loretta Sanchez, California's U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein and other office-holders refuse to talk about "the pricker" despite Harris having sent them reams and reams of documents about it.

Now, Ms. Simpson and Ronald Goldman were truly killed and nearly decapitated--some call the method "Colombian necklaces"--but their deaths were meant to divert pubic attention away from "the pricker" being exposed, writes Harris, who details in his work how it fits a pattern of "spousal murders" committed with or without the pricker.

Essay highlights:

- On April 30, 2001, Harris detailed the spousal cancer conspiracy on live radio before being cut off. The next day, FBI Director Louis Freeh met with his entire senior staff and then announced his resignation, giving no reason. That same day, May 1, 2001, then-Rep. Gary Condit's intern and fling Chandra Levy disappeared. Condit sat on the House Intelligence Committee. Levy reportedly aspired to be an FBI agent and had an unidentified FBI boyfriend.

- On July 10, 2003, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on the death the afternoon before of KPFA's morning news anchor Chris Bruney, who an apparent heart attack in his car at age 44. "A fake heart attack can be induced with an oral poison or, in Mr. Bruney's case, by spraying a toxin in the victim's face," Harris astutely points out. "The last time someone tried that with me, it was a sewer snake from a neighbor's house up to my kitchen sink." Years before joining the Pacifica Radio Network station, Bruney graduated from El Modena High School in Orange, where Harris had delivered hundreds of copies of "The Pricker." 

- On Aug. 14, 2003, the Northeast was struck by the largest blackout in U.S. history, and among those that lost power was Pacifica station WBAI in New York, where a weekly program on "political prisoners and police oppression" aired. Host Safiya Bukhari could not do her program because of the blackout. "She could not do the program the next Thursday night because she was hospitalized," Harris writes. "She could not do it the week after that because she was dead." Bukhari's co-host, Sally O'Brien, told Harris Bukhari died "of a prolonged illness." But Bukhari's sister told him it was a sudden heart attack.  "Although she was a Muslim, [Bukhari's] funeral was held at the church of, and attended by, the only person in New York City to whom I had confirmed delivery of "The Pricker" by reading out loud over the telephone.

- On Dec. 10, 2004, journalist was found shot dead in the head. A suicide note was affixed to the door. While with the San Jose Mercury-News, Webb had famously written a series about the CIA involvement in America's crack cocaine epidemic that his own paper would later discredit portions of. "His obituaries said his CIA story had been discredited but, by their own description, the 'discredit' consisted of failures to corroborate," Harris observes. "That kind of 'discredit' might befall any true story." [Make sure to catch the upcoming movie about this--this being the Webb saga, not "The Pricker"--based on my Weekly colleague Nick Schou's book!]

- On March 31, 2005, which was four days after Harris had spent two days distributing hundreds of preliminary draft copies of the FBI-damning "The Pricker" throughout Costa Mesa, All the President's Men journalist Bob Woodward confirmed that former FBI man Mark Felt was "Deep Throat." Writes Harris, "That announcement was made to predate mine by saying it has been prepared (in secret) for years. Perhaps they will now try to present Mr. Woodward as a dupe of the FBI. In his position, he could not be a dupe. If you prefer to think of Mr. Woodward and his ilk as slack-jawed fools, rather than knowing collaborators, that still does not deflect the point that they have not done, and will not do, their duty."

Now, truth be told, those could be huge coinky-dinks. Hell, some of them are not even strong enough to characterize as coincidences. But then comes "The Pricker" thread involving Robert Lee Hatfield . . .

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