Mother Jones: Arte Moreno One of the Least-Asshole Owners in Baseball!

While your Anaheim Angels underachieve through yet another season of overpriced, over-the-hill free agents (what the hell is this: the early 1990s of Von Hays and Hubie Brooks), Halos fans can take solace in at least one victory for their team: Mother Jones has deemed Arte Moreno one of the least-asshole owners in baseball.

The awesome lefty rag has recently gotten into covering sports, unearthing great stories of intrigue and outrage, but their recent story "Is Your Team's Owner a Major League Asshole?" was nothing more than glorious, well-informed listicle clickbait, complete with graphic. And Moreno fared well.

While noting that Moreno donated $100,000 to the 2012 Mitt Romney campaign, Mother Jones wrote that " Moreno's worst move as an owner was his insistence on giving his team its clunky new, multi-city moniker. But in his defense, nothing says "don't be evil" like lowering the price of beer." To further illustrate their point, the piece placed the Angels right next to "Fair"--the farthest placement for any team.

But this article was written without knowledge of Moreno's Aztlanista roots--so maybe Moreno is the most leftist owner in sports? Nah...anyhoo, be happy, Angels fans!

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Uh, the Scottsdale resident buys the team after the 2002 World Championship, knows nothing about Southern California or baseball, changes the team name, knows nothing about the game but intervenes in the GM's job (making him take the fall of decisions like Wells, Napoli and even Lackey), gets rid of Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc in favor of his Zonie Hispanic agenda.

The guy brought prohibition to the Angels clubhouse (much like Bobby Valentine was hired to do in Boston).  Look where the team is now.

Now, rumors are that Scioscia is next to go.

I see people wearing a A and a halo over it and I see a blind Zonie wannabe.  The Angels are a poorly run organization that wishes it were the Diamondbacks.  That is how blind Angels fans are these days.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

Wait, $10 for a Bud Lite in the bottle/can and $12.75 for a "premium" brew came from "lowering" prices!?!


Artie lets fans bring their own food into the stadium.  That's a HUGE deal.  He's a Republican, but not the "maximize profits" kind, but rather the one who knows he's selling a fan experience.  Good for him.

Debbie Emery
Debbie Emery

Renaming the team "Los Angeles" makes him a big asshole in my book!

Jeff Keller
Jeff Keller

Let's just hope the nice guy doesn't finish last.

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