Ex-VP Candidate Sarah Palin Makes Big Dick Joke, Normally Uptight Conservatives Laugh

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Sarah Palin's rifle jealousy.jpg
When Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin addressed a 2008 Disneyland hotel crowd in Anaheim with an intoxicated, sleepy-looking Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) she spoke passionately of her Christian conservative, Biblical values.

Nowadays, Palin--who remains popular among Southern California's conservatives despite being trounced at the national polls and embarrassed in a network TV drama--has expanded traditional values to include making public dick and boob jokes.

Today, attendees of a conservative Baltimore conference laughably loaded with a long line of right-wing African Americans speakers, heard Palin--the former Alaska governor and fired Fox New commentator--say that her husband "has the rifle" and she has "the rack."




The self-righteous, suit-wearing crowd that normally shows utter disgust with anything non-traditional laughed.

ted cruz rifle boobs 8.jpg
Cruz: I've got a wonderful, used car for you, my friend!
Don't worry. Things eventually returned to normal at the conference. That's when Texas senator Ted Cruz, a politician with two boobs and no recognizable bat, errr rifle, addressed the crowd. 

"We're winning right now," he declared.

Then, still later and continuing the nuttiness, Ann Coulter proudly claimed that Mitt Romney did "astronomically well" with young, African American males in the last election. 

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i've wondered if anyone had a camera going to capture any of the illicit sex and drug use going on the the hotel rooms of these rightous types after hours

long way from home

hyprocricy is a way of life for these types  


Ted Cruz is Rick Perry without the intellect. Sarah Palin is like Rick Perry but has breasts.


Too funny...........Rick Perry an intellectual.......ha, ha, lol, lmfao etc. etc.

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