Richard Scott Kindred is Boy Crazy and Our Ugliest Police Mugshot of the Week Poser

A convicted child molester who has been in a prison or mental hospital cell since 1993 gets to stay in the latter, following a decision by a Santa Ana jury this week.

But former Anaheim resident Richard Scott Kindred, 50, gets to take with him "honors" of having posed for the ugliest police mugshot of the week.

Kindred was convicted in the 1980s of molesting two boys under age 12 and sent to prison the first time for three years. He was slapped with a 16-year prison stretch in 1993 for molesting a third boy. He did that time, too, but has been kept at a state mental hospital under California's sexually violent predator's (SVP) laws.

He won an Orange County Superior Court hearing this week that has him blaming his former bad behavior on his upbringing and swearing to never molest kids again. But Deputy District Attorney Michael Carroll argued Kindred remains a threat to children because he has not acknowledged he is a pedophile and refused to seek treatment. He'll always be attracted to little boys, Carroll said of Kindred.

Courtesy of Orange County District Attorney's office
Richard Scott Kindred: boy crazy
It took the jury less than a half hour Tuesday to agree with the prosecutor that Kindred should remain locked up. He'll stay in a mental hospital until he is no longer deemed a threat.

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Hi Mitch's twin............

n2bigmuscle topcommenter

I think that 400lbs gang-banger (want-to-be) child molester in Garden Grove looks uglier. 

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