[UPDATED with 1 Arrest, 2 Fugitives:] Paul Anthony Garcia Dies in Santa Ana Stabbing

See the Update No. 2 on page 2 about the arrest of one suspect and the I.D.'s of two more being sought.

See Update No. 1 on the next page with screen shots from surveillance video that Santa Ana Police believes show Garcia's killers.

ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 11, 1:56 P.M.: A 26-year-old Irvine man was fatally stabbed Saturday after two men chased him on a busy stretch of South Main Street in Santa Ana.

The killers of Paul Anthony Garcia were still at large at last word.

According to police and witness accounts, Garcia apparently first turned up in the 1900 block of South Main Street around 12:30 p.m. Saturday. He ducked into El Chile Picante restaurant at 1904 S. Main not to place an order but to hide out. But two men in their 20s entered after him and started a fight that spilled out the door.

The men left and Garcia waited a bit inside the eatery before exiting and promptly being chased by at least one man. Garcia was assaulted behind a tax business at Main and Commercial Street before running across the street and collapsing near a party supply store. He was kept alive with CPR but later died at a local hospital.

Police, who at this point have no evidence the attack was gang-related, are hoping a tipster will help locate the killers. Anyone with information is asked to call the Santa Ana Police Homicide Unit at 714.245.8390.

UPDATE NO. 1, MARCH 15, 2:15 P.M.: The Santa Ana Police Department has released screen shots from surveillance video taken inside El Chile Picante minutes before Garcia was fatally stabbed. Investigators believe these are his killers:

Courtesy of Santa Ana Police Department

Call the Santa Ana Police Homicide Unit at 714.245.8390 if you can help.

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Irvine man? Why was he there getting hunted down by the likes of these men? Must not have been there for tacos... 

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Suspects are 5'5" to 5'8", 165-190 lbs. Black hair, brown eyes.

That should narrow it down.

vegandawg23 topcommenter

Had Paul Anthony Garcia been armed this may have been prevented. You listening Sandra Hutchens? Your policies are putting citizens lives in danger. You failed to protect Paul Anthony Garcia and have laws in place so he is unable to legally protect himself.


@vegandawg23  Sooo true but what does it say about people that this happenend during the day?? no one called for help really?? I hope they find these guys very sad he dies on the street scared for his life and no one helped I hope the men who did this feel guilt everyday of there life knowing they took a father from this world and for what???

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