[VIDEO:] Dennis Rodman Chokes Up Talking About His Kids and Ex-Wife in Orange County

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Dennis Rodman has frequently been dragged through the Orange family court, where he has been ordered and re-ordered to pay a hefty child support tab to the point of being threatened with jail.

He and his ex-wife Michelle Moyer of Costa Mesa have also battled over child visitation, but talking about his kids and former marriage choked up "The Worm" on the debut episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now? on OWN.

In the first clip here, Rodman talks about a brief marriage to Carmen Electra that he forgot all about;  they eventually got an annulment. He goes on to delve into his nine-year marriage to Moyer, who lived "atop the hill" in one home while Rodman stayed in his party palace on the Newport Beach strand. He makes no mention of the family court drama, saying the relationship ended "peacefully" and "it's all good" with his daughters.

It is in a second clip that Sir Freak chokes up as he talks about his current, on-and-off girlfriend and the idea of heading down the aisle again:

No wonder Rodman's in the NBA Hall of Fame for rebounding.


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If you care so much, then why did you need to be dragged into court to pay your child support? (Which according to my sources is now up to $500,000.)


Overtall, overpaid (for a while), undereducated piece of shit. For an indictment of everything wrong with professional basketball/football/baseball, no need to look further than the Worm ...

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