Seminar Explores International Law Strategies to Stop Local Criminalization of the Homeless

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The way the City of Costa Mesa has demonized homeless people, you'd think that would be the place for this seminar: "Opposing the Criminalization of Homelessness: Building a Human Rights Framework Event."

Actually, the talk runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday in Irvine, in UC Irvine's EDU - 1111 Seminar Room 101.

Presented by School of Law students, the seminar is described thusly:

The criminalization of homelessness is the use of the criminal justice system to punish the homeless for unavoidable behavior required for survival. The goal of this conference is to explore how international law can function as a practical tool to fight the criminalization of homelessness in our community. We hope to inspire lawyers, law students, activists, and community organizers to take this new approach in ameliorating an issue that continuously has plagued our nation.

Speakers and moderators include: Pete White, Gary Blasi, Connie de la Vega, Paul Hoffman, Renato Izquieta, Vanessa Leonardo, Melanie Partow, John Raphling, William Aceves and Carol Sobel.

Register here:

More details: 949.824.8395.

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

A lot of homeless make money by 'recycling'. Sometimes they take cans and bottles out of trashcans or recycle bins. At least some of UCI's campus trash and recycle bins have 'scavenging is  illegal' stickers plastered on them -- complete with the relevant municipal code. 

Maybe these folks should start with their own host.

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