Yet Another Ex-Newport Beach Police Officer Slams Department For Excessive Corruption

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NBPD: Fell into cesspool
More accusations of a dismally corrupt Newport Beach Police Department (NBPD) were made today by a retired high ranking officer who has filed a lawsuit seeking damages for blocking his advancement through a rigged promotion process.

In the 27-page lawsuit filed today at Orange County Superior Court, Robert Morton alleges NBPD bosses retaliated against him for not agreeing to help cover up scandals and for not remaining silent when less talented officers won promotions because they would keep their mouths shut about corruption--corruption that included highly lucrative, secret side employment deals given to artificially boost retirement benefits and permit "double dipping" incomes for favored cops. 

At the heart of the corruption outlined in the lawsuit is John Klein, who is depicted as a conniving, incompetent, hothead whose advancement to the chief of police job was blatantly illegal and an embarrassment for many patrol officers.

In one instance, Klein allegedly ordered no formal investigation into an officer who "had apparently engaged in serious misconduct," but angrily relented after Morton, who was a licensed attorney while working as a cop, insisted the probe was ethically necessary, according to the court filing.

The lawsuit also alleges that a city conducted investigation into NBPD (a.k.a. the Blaylock report) was sabotaged before the public was given a redacted summary that whitewashed the extent of internal corruption.

Former chief Bob McDonell didn't come out to well either in the lawsuit. He is accused in the document of continuing to raid department resources after he retired and starting the scandalous promotional process.

Morton--one of the best, most honest cops I've ever met--retired last year.

Jay R. Johnson, the current chief of police, is not mentioned in any of the alleged wrongdoing.

Morton's case has been assigned to Superior Court Judge Robert Moss.

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is thier an honest pig in any department they will fuck you if they could


I can't speak for corruption in the department but they for DAMN sure violated my rights on two occasions and one in front of a JUDGE!!!! First they violaterd my 5th ammendment right (Officer White) to search and seizure and then lied on the stand in NB court to cover it up. What a bunch of Douche Bags the NBPD are and I truly hope they ALL go down. They have effectively shut down business after business on the peninsula with their SS style treatment of ordinary citizens simply enjoying the summer in a friggin RESORT town folks. Yeah, people are going to DRINK!!! and PARTY!!! The music and restaurant and bar industries have suffered ENOUGH under the reign of these jack asses. Go GET EM!!! How can I help?


National Institue of Justice: ~ Five Things Law Enforcement Executives Can Do To Make A Difference.

DoD study on random polygraphs for personnel.

"the polygraph is the single most effective tool for finding information people were trying to hide." - DoD, NSA

County Sheriff in Mineral, W. Virginia making policy that polygraphs for new recruits to expire every 2yrs. Especially for top hires.

RANDOM. ROUTINE. Break the code. Break the culture.


"Excessive corruption"? Does that mean that a certain level of corruption is acceptable?


And this is why they will always get spit in their burger....


A question that was always never answered was "What ever happened to the 50k that was recovered at the crash site of Charles "Mask" Lewis" founder of TapouT? I have pictures of the officer counting the money and then all of a sudden it is not in the property sheet. Hmmm? 

paullucas714 topcommenter

How many incidents of corruption does it take before someone calls for the chiefs resignation or arrest?


Sick bitch should be jailed.


"80 percent of all cops are criminals, they violate the laws with impunity while ON DUTY and are paid to do so and be so". They are thugs and are part of a gang that is protected by the police protective leagues that are part of the police unions. They wear guns on thier sides but won't allow you to protect yourself.

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