Ex-Orange County Inmate: Jail Deputies "Tortured" Me With Vegan Meals

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Milorad Olic: Vegetables upset my stomach, okay?
As of 2010, Orange County's 43-year-old Milorad Olic, who dreamed of becoming a physicist, had never worked a day in his life thanks to a successful father who gave him about $800,000 for living expenses, including more than $2,100 a month to live free in a South Coast Plaza apartment.

When 80-year-old father Teodor asked the spoiled Milorad to scale down on the freeloading, the son reacted by yelling "Die, scumbag" and repeatedly slammed a knife into papa's head, face, mouth and eyeballs.

The Orange County District Attorney's office won convictions (attempted murder and elder abuse) after a jury didn't buy Olic's claim that his mutilated father somehow fabricated the horrific knife attack.

Judge Thomas M. Goethals reward him with a government-paid trip to prison.

Olic appealed to the California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana, claiming that he'd been represented in court by a mentally ill moron and so the conviction should be overturned.

He should know.

Olic had demanded and won the right to serve as his own lawyer during the trial.

Appellate justices weren't humored. Last August, they upheld the righteousness of the trial and its guilty findings. But Olic refuses to give up.

milorad teodor olic mug ocw2344.jpg
Santa Ana Police Department
Milorad's mug shot
In January, he told federal judges that his constitutional rights had been trampled because:

~His taxpayer-funded lawyer for his state appeal sabotaged his arguments by not following his legal instructions.

~His jury should have had included more Mexican Americans.

~Judge Goethals conspired to taint him as guilty before the trial and then blackmailed jurors.

~He was blocked from making collect calls to a Serbian embassy.

~His court-appointed detective was lazy and incompetent.

and, my favorite:

~Jail deputies "systematically tortured" him by making him eat vegetarian meals when he preferred a "low lactose diet."

"I don't eat vegetable because of my stomach problems and yet they gave me vegetable-only diet," Olic told the federal judges. "This torture cased me to lose weight and undermine my defense in court."

This month, U.S. District Court Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald dismissed the appeal on technical grounds after noting that this defendant's latest complaints are new and haven't been considered by state authorities.

Upshot: Olic, 46, will remain serving his 13 years to life sentence inside Mule Creek State Prison and, given that he can request parole, may eventually return to society.

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Another reason I am happy I never spawned.

Kreative Haus
Kreative Haus

They should make him wear pink and clean toilets.

vegandawg23 topcommenter

Throw hotdogs at vegetarians.

Sherry Lawler Sparks
Sherry Lawler Sparks

another person with a sense of entitlement - im sure daddy did something just as awful...

Peyton Farquhar
Peyton Farquhar

I think defendant in question ought to be "systematically tortured" by having to pay for his own 3 hots and a cot every day he is incarcerated, then he would have something to bellyache about.


a mouth breather with a head that lopsided must have some serious dain bramage


@Mitch......... tu Raza mas mismo............ha, ha, ha, ha,..............

949girl topcommenter

What a creep!  And yes I agree with @dale_c about the Weekly torturing us with his photo! Yuck!!


Just like the OC Weekly keeps torturing us with his mug shot....;-)

Candace Lynch
Candace Lynch

Poor baby, it must be so awful to have 3 square meals a day that you don't even want provided to you by the taxpayers of our fair state. I'm misting up over here!

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@949girl @dale_c Sorry but perhaps Milorad might not appear so insane in photos if he'd been fed his desired low lactose meals and given some understanding for his terrible plight as a trust fund baby. Just sayin'...@949girl @dale_c

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