Lindsay Lohan Urged to Add Tustin Lawyer David Wohl to Her Criminal Defense Team

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The hottest of hot messes, Lindsay Lohan, is reportedly being swayed to add an Orange County lawyer to her defense team by the controversial New York attorney representing the actress fighting charges she lied to cops about a Pacific Coast Highway crash.

E! News watcher's surely know that a Los Angeles County judge chided lead Lohan lawyer Mark Heller for not knowing California law, so the New Yorker wants to add David Wohl of Tustin's Wallin & Klarich office.

David Wohl
An associate with the longtime criminal defense firm that also has offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura, Wohl has been practicing criminal defense law for 23 years in courts across the state, according to an online bio.

He majored in political science at San Diego State and received his juris doctor degree from California Western School of Law.

Wohl has also been known to Fox News viewers over the past eight years as an on-air legal analyst and commentator. He currently appears weekly on Kelly's Court with Megyn Kelly and America's News Headquarters with Gregg Jarrett.

Below is a Fox News video that has Wohl defending a 41-year-old San Diego teacher who brought a gun and knife to school:

Michael Lohan, the actress' father who has seen his share of civil and criminal courtrooms over the years, is being credited with having pointed Heller to Wohl in advance of a court hearing hearing scheduled for Monday, reports TMZ.

The judge in the case had apparently informed Heller he'd either have to add a criminal defense attorney who knows California law or get his client to say aloud she understands her lawyer in incompetent.

TMZ claim Heller is awaiting Lindsay Lohan's blessing to add Wohl, but that either way both lawyers may be waiting for the actress at her next court date to force the issue.

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Ha! Wohl and the whole firm over at Wallin & Klarich is a joke! If Lohan wasn't screwed before adding these wahoo's to her team isn't helpin' matters. She needs to take what's left of her $$ and run. All these guys are going to do is NOTHING she's better off representing herself at this point. Not much any one can do to stop a train wreck but braise themselves for impact haha. 

paullucas714 topcommenter

In actual real news and reality that matters, Janet Nguyen was questioned by the FBI along with several vendors for the county that have contributed to her campaign(s), in what appears to be a pay for play scheme by Janet Nguyen. Every time you watch a reality show a book commits suicide.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

I urge her to reprise Ann Margret 's role in 'Kitten with a Whip."

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