Lawsuit Alleges Long Beach Cops Brutalized Marijuana Dispensary Worker During 2012 Raid

Security footage of an officer stepping on Dorian Brooks
A lawsuit filed March 26 alleges that Long Beach police conducting a raid on a medical marijuana dispensary last year brutalized an employee. The Weekly first reported on the June 19, 2012 incident, last July, noting that the employee, Dorian Brooks, a young African-American with no prior arrests or convictions on his record, could be seen in security footage lying on the ground posing no visible threat when an officer steps on his back and neck. The footage also shows officers trying to destroy a security camera afterwards.

According to the complaint, when Brooks cried out in pain from the full weight of the cop standing on his neck, officers participating in the raid roughly handcuffed him and said, "you're a black drug dealer, you should be used to this."

When officers battered down the camera in an apparent attempt to destroy evidence of their behavior, the lawsuit claims, debris fell on Brooks, who again cried out in pain, at which point, an officer allegedly stated, "Shut up you dumb nigger."

The lawsuit states that officers refused to loosen handcuffs on Brooks, and that officers made racially derogatory and otherwise insensitive remarks to two overweight Latino employees of the dispensary, but did loosen handcuffs of two white workers. Brooks began to lose sensation in his hands, the lawsuit claims, and his repeated requests for medical attention were ignored.

Unfortunately for the police, the entire incident was being filmed remotely, so the destruction of the on-scene camera failed to destroy the footage of Brooks being stepped on or an officer knocking down a camera. However, the footage contains no audio supporting the lawsuit's allegations that officers made racial comments, and while the lawsuit does name several officers, (black, white and Latino) who participated in the raid, it does not specify which officer allegedly uttered racist remarks.

Matthew Pappas, the lawyer representing Brooks in his lawsuit against the police originally filed a claim against the city in July of last year. On Feb. 7, the city rejected the claim. The lawsuit requests compensation for Brooks' medical expenses as well as unspecified damages, as well as an injunction against the police which would prevent them from further actions targeting medical marijuana patients in Long Beach.

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What's the status of the suit? Are the cops still out harassing and intimidating citizens? How can we protect ourselves from the cops?


Keep up the great work, Nick! I'm proud to have helped you expose the crooked and senile Judge Sheldon. Lie. Cheat. Steal. Kill. There is nothing these thugs won't do. They MUST be stopped!

vegandawg23 topcommenter

Too bad that they didn't get all the video footage. Cops you have to get the harddrive that the images are being recorded onto. Take it out and format it with a program called dban. Simply destroying the camera does no good. The video was still recorded on a harddrive. Next time confiscate every computer in the building and permanently delete the videos. I'm sick of you getting in trouble for tolchocking a few troublemakers. 

Dan Heredia
Dan Heredia

That's not news, this crap happens a lot especially in Anaheim. Some cops are just plain thugs!

18usc241 topcommenter

Long Beach PD -----> the intentional wannabe wedding anniversary destroyers. SO SURPRISED! (Atlantic and East Wardlow Road - Long Beach, CA. 09/01/2012 at  4:52 PM

Meredith Walako
Meredith Walako

Now why would they need to destroy a security camera?

paullucas714 topcommenter

Good luck with the lawsuit.

Michele Jones
Michele Jones

I have witnessed such an attack in Dana Point. Bastards. They have guns, steal your weed, and assault you for selling medicine. CORRUPT.

Ryan Mccormack
Ryan Mccormack

i have had three run ins with lb pd over shit last... time i thought the cop was gonna beat me to death for bad tags...fuck me and my money i will just stay in OC.

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