Karen Elaine Hanover, Convicted FBI "Spoofer," Claims Hers Were Retaliatory Spoofs

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This post has been updated at the end of the next page to reflect the original federal prosecutor's side of the story. Read more about him here: "Andrew Stolper, Former Federal Prosecutor, Fends Off Critics of His Litigation-Finance Firm."

A federal grand jury in December indicted Seal Beach real estate saleswoman Karen Elaine Hanover on mail fraud charges for an alleged commercial property investment scam that conned 50 marks out of nearly $2 million.

The 46-year-old began 2012 with a six-month jail sentence and $5,000 in fines for using "spoofing" technology to impersonate FBI agents in calls to her alleged marks.

Both cases were previously reported here and, at least when it comes to the spoofing conviction, incorrectly, according to Hanover.

In an email to the Weekly, Hanover writes that she was acquitted of obstruction of justice in relation to the government claim that as an FBI agent she intimidated witnesses in the investigation of her. That reporting was based on information on the conviction from the U.S. Attorney's office in Los Angeles as well as previous press statements.

The last paragraph of the Department of Justice release on Hanover's conviction reads: "Previously in this investigation, Hanover was found guilty in October
2011 of impersonating an FBI agent to contact victims of the alleged
real estate fraud scheme." The Weekly has repeatedly reached out for clarification from the U.S. Attorney's media liaison, Thom Mrozek, who first replied "we'll get this sorted out" but has not returned repeated messages since.

Meanwhile, Hanover has her own blog to counter what she claims to be wrongful prosecution and misinformation spread by the feds. In one post she points out one of her prosecutors is Andrew Stolper, whose misdeeds the Weekly just outlined:

William Ruehle, Ex-Broadcom CFO, Shares His Amazing Government Persecution Story at UCI

One Hanover blog relates to her claim that she and an associate were the first ones in this saga to be spoofed by someone posing as an FBI agent. Spoofing refers to online services that allow callers to disguise a phone number and create a fake caller ID. Hanover claims she and associate Jill Duggan received calls for months that appeared to be from the FBI but when she called back the Bureau informed they did not place the calls. Hanover's defense is she then spoofed those she believed had spoofed her.

Faced with call-log evidence that indicated most people just hung up on Hanover's spoof calls and thus could not have been on the line long enough to be intimidated, the judge tossed the obstruction of justice counts but convicted her since she did admit to making the calls, she writes. She claims to have spent 90 days in jail for this.

"The moral of the story is this: If you act impulsively and get down in the mud you're going to get dirty," she blogs. "BIG lesson learned..."

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UPDATE: Andrew Stolper, who left the U.S. Attorney's office earlier this year, provided the Weekly several documents that counter some of Hanover's characterizations of the adjudicated spoofing case, the pending fraud trial and her claims of misconduct by the prosecutor.

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It appears Karen Hanover's APPEAL is DENIED.The case is closed. Next trial  WIRE FRAUD ( OCT 29,2013) . I agree Lindsay but I believe JUSTICE is near. I have never lost a dime to this Guru of Nothing was just threatened and bullied too many times. Sorry to read you did. Now reread what Karen Hanover posted herself right here. She can not take responsibility for any of her actions. 


What makes me mad, is no one else is talking about the other people Karen has stolen from (aside from this scam). For example, Ben Gorizi...she "rented" a place from him in LB and NEVER paid him a dime. Due to California law and major threats (Hanovers specialty), he couldn't get her out and lost his house. She also stole $3K from my husband and I. She rented a place to us, took our deposit and never gave us the keys to the place. We took her to court (TWICE) and won, but still haven't seen a dime. She is a professional thief.


Thank you Matt for finally posting the other side of the story.  Indeed I was spoofed. When realizing the FBI had no interest in the calls to me, I foolishly decided to spoof back to show the callers I was on to their scheme.   I had no idea what I was doing was a crime but should not have done something so immature.  However, I was not trying to impersonate an FBI agent.  

As a matter of law, the calls may not even be a crime.  Waiting for decision on appeal April 12, 2013 which pleads that the calls did not meet the criteria for impersonation.The appeal also pleads misconduct by prosecutor, Andrew Stolper.

See transcripts of the appeal and get details that witnesses lied and bloggers were not my real clients but rather competitors.  http://karenhanover.info

Finally, word on the street is that prosecutor, Andrew Stolper resigned today amid the additional allegations of misconduct.  Google "Andrew Stolper misconduct" and you will see a plethora of articles.  To put out a press release indicating that calls were made to threaten and intimidate people   after I was acquitted by a Federal Judge on those counts constitutes more misconduct.  It’s as though Stolper couldn’t accept Judge Tucker’s ruling and wanted to retaliate by smearing me publicly.

The laws giving prosecutors total immunity from wrongdoing should be rewritten.Prosecutors should be held to the same standards as those under oath.If a prosecutor is caught lying, he/she should be subject to perjury charges and personal liability to defendants.There should be severe penalties for other forms of misconduct as well.Instead the laws grant them total immunity and therefore foster corruption and misconduct by giving them a license to be dishonest.In my opinion, Andrew Stolper is a fraud.

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