KTLA Weatherman Tricked Into Saying 'Hugh Janus' On-Air

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Henry, please beware of calls from Alotta Fagina. 
Mediabistro captured footage of a veteran Los Angeles weatherman unwittingly falling for a prankster's ruse to get him to say a "naughty name on-air."

Good-spirited KTLA meteorologist Henry DiCarlo wished a happy 10th birthday to "Hugh Janus" on live TV.

DiCarlo then stopped and looked horrified because his news colleague Chris Schauble began laughing.

"Uh, I think it's one of those trick names, and you fell for it," Schauble told DiCarlo.

"I got punked," the weatherman replied. "Hopefully, there's not a 10-year-old, really, with that name out there."

No word if the the ruse was an inside job.

Now, the video:

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