FlashReport Names Judge Scott Steiner To "Idiot of the Week" List

Scott Steiner idiot of the week honors.jpg
The FlashReport, California's premier blog for conservative politics, has named to its "Idiot of the Week" list a married Orange County superior court judge under investigation for allegedly using his position to win sexual favors from attractive female lawyers.

Jon Fleischman--the website's owner, a former executive director of the California Republican Party and a heavyweight in Orange County Republican Party politics--named Judge Scott Steiner as second runner up for this week's honors.

Fleischman noted the recent news broken by OC Weekly that law enforcement officers are investigating allegations about Steiner's use of power; no charges have been filed, but the judge has hired a high-priced, veteran criminal defense lawyer.

He called the judge, a former prosecutor and longtime Republican activist who won election to the bench in 2010, "an up and coming guy with a promising career ahead of him" before news of the brewing scandal.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters won top rank in Fleischman's "Idiot of the Week" honors for sensationalizing the impact of sequestration.

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paullucas714 topcommenter

hard to believe flash report is still around.


Fleischman has alot of guts to criticize another individual when Fleischman knows good and well that he most likely violates/violated multiple civil rights of non-suspecting citizens each time he uses/used his OC Sheriff Reserve status to SPY on alleged "suspicious" activities of his political adversaries. Suddenly we have the second coming of Christ as Flesichman throws a stone.... it appears that if OCSC Judge Scott Steiner is found to have committed some type of wrongdoing, then accountability will follow.   How long has Fleischman used his OC Sheriff Reserve status to violate the rights of others and will never be held accountable?


And still not a peep from The Ragister on Steiner. OC Watchdog my ass.

Keep up the great reporting OC Weekly!

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