Dana Rohrabacher Claims New Federal Bureaucracy Can Solve Assault Weapons Debate

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All aboard!
The Kookville Express and its faithful conductor, Dana Rohrabacher, has once again done what nobody else in the nation could do: he has single-handedly solved the debate on gun ownership rights.

You might recall that the Costa Mesa congressman had--at least in his own mind--previously solved the debate over illegal immigration: let seriously wounded Mexicans died outside of hospital emergency rooms without medical assistance and they will eventually decide to self deport.

Similarly on the gun issue, a wide-eyed Rohrabacher is racing his train down the tracks at full speed.

Though he likes to claim libertarian status when it suits his public relations needs, the congressman is calling for a new national law that requires federal bureaucrats to collect, maintain and publicly distribute two lists: felons and citizens who have been prescribed "psych medication" by their doctors.

Anyone on either list wouldn't be allowed to purchase a gun, according to Rohrabacher.

Can you imagine the size and annual cost of the new bureaucracy required to keep those lists current and error-free?

Can you imagine the destruction of doctor-patient privacy rights by his idea?

Would doctors be able to amend the list to delete patients who are taken off "psych" medication?

How quickly would doctors be forced to provide government agents with information and would there be fines or jail time if deadlines aren't met?

We all know the federal government can't even maintain an honest, accurate "no fly" list, and that compilation involves national security.

But the congressman claimed in a Twitter post this week that his idea "will be most effective."

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There's a history to his nuttiness.

In 2008, Republican leadership in control of the U.S. House of Representatives gave Rohrabacher, who hasn't worked a private sector job for nearly 40 years, a budget and a staff to investigate important issues. 

He decided to "solve" the 1968 murder of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy even though assassin Sirhan Sirhan was convicted some 40 years ago. 

Thinking he has Perry Mason skills, the congressman said he could prove that the real Kennedy killers were a group of Arabs. 

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Where's the tequila bottle?
A lonely Sirhan Sirhan allowed the prison pow-wow because he thought he was meeting someone named "Diana," a female. 

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I like that there is apparently nothing wrong with keeping list of people who are on anti-depressants, but national gun registration is completely unacceptable.


Thanks for the article.

Most Libertarians say anyone who wishes to own a gun should --but those with problems should have a nominee to retain title. They certainly don't like any sort of government administered d-base, it should if needed be left to accountable 3rd party groups.

Let's also remember that many people who are 'felons' are in those d-bases in error, for basically being a minority or drug use. Some are still listed in d-bases as felons for interracial marriage.

Many people have pointed out that recent problems are due to people taking violence inducing medicines. Wouldn't it make more sense to have physicians order them to turn over the weapons temporarily?

. For info on people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues worldwide, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ http://www.Libertarian-International.org ....

ltpar topcommenter

Congress and the Federal Government couldn't find their ass with both hands, much less fix the mess they have caused.  That said folks, the real blame goes to us the voters, who have continued to reelect and send these jokers back to Washington D. C. for more of the same.  Fire them all.   

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Wait, don't we already have an 'assault weapon' ban in California? Did we just have a dude run amok with multiple  'assault weapons' in the OC and Riverside? 


What did you expect from Do Nothing Dana?  He is not called Do Nothing for a reason.  You will note his leadership skills while working with the Taliban in Afghanistan  .

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