It's Easter Weekend, Which Means Santa Ana's Bristol Street Becomes Ground Zero for Lowrider Cruising

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Don't believe the hipsters: the true throbbing center of SanTana life is the corner of Bristol Street and McFadden Avenue. This is where wabs flock to whenever the Mexican soccer team wins a big game (which, nowadays, ain't often). This is where a massive shopping plaza hosts a Northgate González market, the county's best corn tortillas in La Flor de Mexicali, and a hell of a Bristol Food Court. And due to the area's massive parking lot, this also becomes Ground Zero every Easter weekend--but especially Easter evening--for one of the largest public-street, non-permitted cruising festivals in Southern California.

Cruising down Bristol during Easter weekend is a legendary scene that goes back decades, that gets police out to set up all sorts of roadblocks to pick off cholos for all sorts of imagined crimes--and still, the cholos come, to pick up some heinas and show off their cars while blasting Chalino Sánchez and not speaking a lick of English. Here's just some video to give you a scene of the madness that ensues:

Maybe I should roll by with Coker's 1974 Cadillac Eldorado convertible...anyhoo, I'll have a historical tidbit to share once this year's madness is done!

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