[UPDATED with I.D., Condition:] Nam Q. Thieu Sets Self on Fire in Costa Mesa Nail Salon

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See the update at the end of this post identifying the burned man and giving his condition.

ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 25, 10:13 A.M.: There's already a fake reality show (aren't they all?) called Burning Love (hilarious!) on Yahoo and the E! channel, so a fellow who walked into a Costa Mesa nail salon Sunday afternoon will have to come up with a different title for his personal love story.

Of course, he'll have plenty of time to think about a new one as he recovers in a hospital burn unit from injuries suffered after he doused himself with a flammable liquid and set himself on fire for his estranged wife or girlfriend and other onlookers in Creative Nails & Spa at Bristol Street and Paularino Avenue.

Costa Mesa Fire got the call, but a smart thinker in the salon quickly put the fellow out with a fire extinguisher before rescuers arrived. No one was hurt other than the man, and the business sustained minor damage.

Investigators do not yet know what set the guy off.

UPDATE, MARCH 26, 6:24 P.M.: The man who set himself on fire has been identified as Nam Q. Thieu, 46, of Westminster.

He ignited the flammable liquid he'd poured over himself with a cigarette lighter, according to a statement from Lt. Greg Scott, the Costa Mesa Police spokesman.

Thieu, who suffered third degree burns over 70 percent of his body, is currentiy in oritioai condition at Western State Medical Center of Santa Ana's Burn Unit, Scott added.

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Cervantes - way to show lina support by abandoning her.  BTW OCW with all your tasteless jokes aside the family pulled the plug on him and his funeral was last week.  This is truly devastating to her and the families.


I was in that nail salon about a month ago when Lina's ex husband kept calling and arguing with her.  She told him to stop calling and he must have called 50 times within the hour.  She finally had to hang up the phone.  I felt very vulnerable sitting there like a sitting target waiting for him to come in with a gun.  Obviiously this man was very ill. So very glad no one else was hurt, but this was something that you can see coming and unfortunately her restraining order didn't do her any good.  I hope the nail store can recover from this.  I will not be back.


What is oritioai condition?? it must be bad!


"Investigators do not yet know what set the guy off."

Maybe a match, but most likely a lighter. How hard could that investigation possibly be?

Aimee Monahan
Aimee Monahan

Those women are so lucky he was the only one injured, nail salons are loaded with very flammable products. What an ass, I hope he gets charged with attempted murder when he recovers.

Julie Reid
Julie Reid

This is very sad, I know the man's wife. :(

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