FOX Slams Amazing Race on CBS for Pro-Communist Tributes During Vietnam Stop

bob beckel fox amazing race vietnam.jpg
Beckel: What was CBS thinking in pro-Vietnam communist tribute?
One of the token liberals on FOX News is blasting CBS for airing an Amazing Race broadcast this week that required contestants visiting Vietnam to watch a pro-communist musical show, recite a pro-communist poem, and then gather at an anti-American military site in Hanoi.

Bob Beckel--a cantankerous, longtime Democratic Party strategist who tried to get Walter Mondale into the White House in 1984--blasted the CBS show yesterday and today as a celebration of Ho Chi Minh, the deceased nationalist leader who led North Vietnam to victory more than three decades ago.

Beckel insisted the show was an obscene slight to U.S. soldiers who fought to keep South Vietnam free.

Beckel also claims he will rant about what he sees as a despicable slight until CBS management apologizes to Vietnam War veterans.

He said only an "idiot" could have allowed the anti-American maneuverings to be broadcast.

More than 58,000 Americans died in the Vietnam War. With the support of prominent Republicans, President Bill Clinton formalized relations with Vietnam during his term in the White House. Thousands of poor Vietnamese, though paid near-slave wages, nonetheless won employment from U.S.-based conglomerates such as Nike as a result of the renewed ties. 

The Amazing Race, which is produced by legendary filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer, is one of the most popular CBS primetime shows. Teams of contestants race against one another at various international locations in hopes of winning a grand prize.

The Vietnamese, especially those who live in Hanoi, proudly consider Ho Chi Minh the George Washington of their nation.

CBS Amazing Race flub Vietnam.jpg
Apocalypse Then: I love the smell of 58,000 dead American soldiers.
Orange County is home to the world's largest concentration of anti-communist, Vietnamese immigrants.

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This is such a contrived outrage. Why must Americans always think of themselves as the victims? No concern for the millions of Vietnamese killed and no one seems to care today about the innocent Iraqis and Afghans killed and wounded in the USA invasions.

 The politicians always ask for God to bless America. No God would condone these foreign policy blunders.

Beckel now shows he is just a paid hack on Fox


Support the troops, not the war.


the biggest slight to the soldiers were lbj and nixon who sent them to die in a needless war that had nothing to do with American security


@dennis228 so what your saying is Beckel should have praised the celebration of the death of two Americans? (not to even mention the others that didn't die in that plane) AND the rest of the anti-Americanism in the show??! No matter how senseless that war was and the waste of lives on both sides of the isle, those were OUR men! and I think you have it wrong, everyone is concerned when innocent lives are lost, but you're apparently not concerned whatsoever if Americans lose their lives! In case you've never heard this little tidbit, or maybe even its just slipped your little mind, but most of those men in Vietnam didn't have a choice, they were drafted  

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

@fruitcake I think that is what Beckel is doing. He wasn't outraged at their going to Vietnam. He was a bit outraged at the 'Amazing Race' contestants being present at a propaganda show. But he was really pissed off at the show using shots of contestants at the site of a shot down B-52 in which at least 4 Americans died.

Now, I understand why the Vietnamese would have that as a memorial. But still, 4 Americans died in that wreckage. Among our people, we actually respect that, knowing the young men that died didn't have a lot of say. For example, a Soviet nuke sub imploded off Hawaii in the mid 1970s. We 'salvaged' it -- via the Glomar Explorer. But we also gathered all the body parts, brought in an Orthodox priest, and gave that crew a burial according tot the rites of their country. 

I'm pretty sure that didn't happen in this B-52 case. And I'm pretty sure that the 'Amazing Race' crew had no idea that 4 of their countrymen died in that wreckage. That is the problem.  Not enjoying Hanoi city, not touring around Vietnam. But using the site of the death of your countrymen as a 'location' in your silly program.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

@briansays You do know that Nixon actually brought the troops out -- by ordering a hella destructive bombing of North Vietnam (Operation Rolling Thunder). Vietnam was JFK and LBJ's war -- Nixon and Kissinger got us the hell out.


@briansays  i hear commie vietnam is accepting americans wanting to defect, do you need some help getting a ticket? personally, i spent 14 months in south vietnam in during 1969 and 1979... not caring if the war was popular or not, my country called me up, and i proved i was not a coward. have you ever done the same? i didn't think so.


@AmericanGirl @dennis228 Two things. The song is not anti-American. It is pro-Vietnam. It is their patriotic song. Why must you interpret everything either for or against? I am concerned about all who lose lives. All is saying is it was a contrived outrage. Go to Vietnam and talk to the people. There is not anti-American sentiment even among those who fought for the North. I regret the loss of American lives, but also those at My Lai.

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@Mitchell_Young @briansays Just to be factual and not loony partisan here, Mitch. During the Nixon and Kissinger watch, more than 21,000 brave, young Americans died in Vietnam and then that same administration helped make those deaths almost meaningless by agreeing to a laughable "peace with honor" con game with the communists in the Paris Peace Accords. Yap all you want about Rolling Thunder. How effective? We lost the war and fled with bullets aimed at our asses as we sped away. The Nixon/Kissinger panic deal back stabbed South Vietnam and allowed Viet Cong soldiers to remain an occupying military force in South Vietnam, a concession that even an idiot knows meant the end of that nation. Have you ever seen the outrage from South Vietnam's president about Nixon's betrayal? Potent stuff.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

@commiehater @briansays I get this totally, as a Vet myself (fortunately, during a time of relative peace (late 1990s), and I serve in operations I believed in). 

A better example, the commentator and Ret. Colonel Andrew Bracevich was totally against the Iraq war, from the beginning. I'm pretty sure his son was too. But his son was an Army officer, and so did his duty, and unfortunately lost his life. That's the true 'Call of Duty', not some video game.

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