Orange County Church's Sunday Marquee: "Thou Shalt Not Use Drones to Kill"

Outside of Unitarian Universalist, the Catholic Worker, and Metropolitan Community Church congregations, O.C. churches are notoriously conservative--like, hate-the-queers/bomb Iran conservative. So color us shocked when a Facebook pal of ours posted the following picture of the marquee outside Brea Congregational United Church of Christ in--where else?--Brea this past weekend: "Thou Shalt Not Use Drones to Kill"

OH, bigger!


Now, anger toward drones is really big in the Randian world right now, but sources tell us the UCC is all lefty and shit, supporting gay marriage and other progressive causes--hell, their website proclaims the church "honors the radical inclusivity of Jesus Christ," whatever the hell that means. We salute the congregation for daring to be Left in this wacky land of ours and urge the Warrens and Beshores of OC to do the same--yep, we're laughing as hard as ustedes, too!

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