ACLU: Anaheim Needs Civilian Review Board of Police Conduct

Bardis Vakili aclu anaheim police.jpg
ACLU's Vakili
Noting 37 Anaheim officer-involved shootings in the past decade, the ACLU Foundation of Southern California is urging the Anaheim City Council to establish a civilian review board to improve public confidence that cheating cops enjoy less of a chance that their conduct will be covered up by sympathetic law enforcement colleagues. 

"Public trust in police is essential to effective police work and community safety," ACLU staff attorney Bardis Vakili said in a prepared statement. "A civilian review board, in which the community plays an active role in holding police accountable, will help assure Anaheim's residents that complaints are investigated transparently and vigorously."

Vakili claims that public trust in the police is low because of "murky circumstances" involving the shooting deaths of several Latino men.

Vakili also said a civilian review board is good for officers because it "will vindicate" cops "when allegations are not sustained in a system that the public feels it can trust."

The ACLU believes that the internal Anaheim police review process as well as the District Attorney's investigations of police shootings are too secretive by blocking public access to crucial evidence.

Valiki, who has been honored for his legal work on immigrant rights, is encouraging Anaheim residents to contact city council members and back the the creation of a civilian review board.

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I guarantee Bardis Vakili comes from some place where advocating for  a police review commission would get him boots in his kidneys for starters.  But he has to come to the U.S. and scream for civil rights at the top of his cowardly lungs.  ACLU  - All Criminals Loved Unconditionally.


What the hell are you talking about??????  Think the Anaheim Police is doing a kick ass job, keep up the good work and kudos the the DA's Office for having the nuts to clear the Officer in this shooting on Anne drive.....I would love to take him out for a steak dinner at any restaurant of his choosing....God bless you Anaheim Police, you are doing Gods work.... 


@fc2479 Absolutely! Please pick up your commemorative white hoods at the DA's this evening.

You can also get your free mexican stamp to show how many you've killed this year. Remember, the squad car with the most stamps wins  a free steak dinner!

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