AB 666 Bedevils Red Light Camera Foes

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Those fighting traffic tickets they received thanks to red-light cameras have scored so many court victories that many cities, including some in Orange County, have abandoned the enforcement tool.

But now those battling red light camera tickets are trying to derail legislation that could end one's right to trial for those infractions.

California Assembly Bill 666, which was not authored by Satan but attorney and Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont), appears at first glance to be as "non-substantive" as it claims to be, dealing with the signage and positioning of "automated traffic enforcement" and changing the word "jurisdiction" to "authority" in the penal code.

But a group has sprung up to "stop AB666" and "protect your right to a trial for traffic tickets." Advocates planned to flood Wieckowski with calls today against the bill, among them Huntington Beach lawyer R. Allen Baylis, who has successfully fought cases involving red-light cameras throughout Orange County.

(Baylis, by the way, thinks people can keep calling Wieckowski through the end of business Friday at 916.319.2025; "Ask for Ashley Medina, his legislative aide, or just leave a message.
If the line is busy, keep calling till you get through.")

The anti-AB666ers believe the legislator is carrying water for the private companies that install red-light cameras and manage traffic tickets under city and county contracts, claiming Wieckowski's bill:

  •     Eliminates Your Right to a Trial if You Get a Red Light Camera Ticket
  •     Makes You Responsible for the Ticket Even When Someone Else Is Driving
  •     Sets up Kangaroo "Administrative Hearing" Courts Run By Those Who Gave You the Ticket
  •     No Evidence Other than the Ticket Itself is Needed to Convict You
  •     No Right to Face Your Accuser
  •     You Are Assumed Guilty and Have to Prove Your Innocence
  •     You Will Have to Pay a Fee If You Want Your Case Heard in Court
  •     Expands the Use of Photo Enforcement to Other Traffic Violations

You can learn more about the campaign at StopAB666.org.

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Nice, try, None, you anti-Semitic lamebrain. Bob Wieckowski is Roman Catholic.


What is wrong with the current leaders in the Democratic Party?  In all levels of government they have been systematically seeking  dismantling of citizens rights. From restricting your rights to trial, instituting Napoleonic law codes of guilty first- prove your not, to holding others responsible for others actions, to re-writing the Amendments of the Constitution, to holding their feet to the fire for whether or not Americans anywhere can be killed without due process by their own government, i.e. the drone strike issue, and on and on. I mean what happened to the Democratic Party that stood for principles of liberty FOR ALL and stood up against the overactive, overarching government?  This proposed law along with so many others currently being proposed is not a product of the traditional Democratic Party. I dare not say what Party it is more akin to. Hint, 1930's from history.


The lawmaker is Jewish, what do you expect from a Jewish lawmaker? He's on the payroll of the red light cameras. See the Chicago Redflex bribery scandal.

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