Orange County DREAM Team Kicks Off a Week of Action Calling for Inclusive Legalization

While everyone in DC and their local apologists dithers about "comprehensive immigration reform," the Orange County Dream Team (OCDT), as usual, is taking action.

Calling clearly for an 'inclusive legalization process,' the DREAMers are revving up for an ambitious week of action as the national debate continues. Distancing themselves from Gang of Eight and White House proposals, DREAMers are pushing for a pathway to citizenship within five years for all eligible folks.

Cue the hilarious haters in 5, 4...

The activism in line with that kicks off today on social media outlets. Photos of OCDT family, friends and colleagues holding signs saying "#11MillionStrong" will spread through Facebook and Twitter. This online action is open to anyone who is down for the cause. Take a picture of yourself and make Instagram more than just an avenue for food porn!

Here's how the rest of the week breaks down:

Tuesday: Activists will hold a 'Light the Way' vigil outside the federal courthouse in Santa Ana in solidarity with undocuqueer immigrants at 6:30 p.m. The Supreme Court is expected to hear a constitutional challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) this week. The local effort underscores the organization's position of solidarity and inclusiveness for the LGBTIQ community.

Wednesday: Banner drops will greet morning commuters from 6 a.m.- 9 a.m. as they have in the past off the 5 freeway in Anaheim, Santa Ana, and San Juan Capistrano. This time around, they'll be encouraging folks to call local members of congress, especially Loretta Sanchez and Ed Royce. Later that evening, DREAMers will visit Sanchez's office and encourage others to join outside at a time to be determined.

Thursday: Phone banking to elected officials is set to take place in support of inclusive legalization for undocumented immigrants. Light those lines up better than a public media fund drive!

Friday: A 'Coming Out of the Shadows' vigil will be held at Sasscer Park in downtown Santa Ana. The gathering begins at 7 p.m.

Saturday: The OCDT, the Western State College of Law, and the Asian Pacific American Legal Center invite the community to attend another free Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) clinic. The event takes place from 1 p.m.- 5 p.m. at Western State College of Law in Fullerton.

Now that's a week of activism enough to make Barbara Coe's head explode!

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It is unfortunate to see that other comments are by people that waste their time on spreading hate.  I hope that they can find happiness and use their efforts towards good.  As for the DREAMers, that love this country and are always trying to better it: keep it up.  Your efforts are being noticed.  

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Mexicans have made things in the US so bad -- think flatland Anaheim -- that many are returning on their own to Mexico Lindo. 


This is the most ungrateful wave of immigrants in the last 100 years. It costs the US middle class over $250,000 for each child of an illegal immigrant to birth, educate, provide free medical insurance (med-i-cal), food stamps etc. typical families can cost over $1M. Any taxes they pay don't even come close to our investment. We're happy to invest in immigrants, but we DEMAND to be able to draw the line at a number of folks that WE choose. Next time the US plays Mexico in soccer in L.A. I better hear 100,000 Mexican fans sing GOD BLESS AMERICA rather than boooooing our national anthem. Prove you appreciate this country...then we'll talk.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

@b.riva California's NAEP scores are ranked just above four heavily black states/districts. 

Thanks, Dreamers.


@b.riva Facts aren't hate. These kids are the best of that group.....but their parents are poor and thus I have $50k in 'Parent Student Loan' debt....while the DREAMers get Cal Grants. aint fair.

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