"Wendy's Be Our Valentine!" Protest Today in SanTana!

Today the Student Farmworker Alliance and Coalition of Immokalee Workers (those always-awesome chingones who have led successful boycotts against everyone from Taco Bell to Trader Joe's) are invting la gente to meet and prep at El Centro Cultural de Mexico at 5pm to be part of today's "Wendy's Be Our Valentine!" rally.

Yep: it's time to stop eating...um, what's Wendy's famous for again? 

The protest is part of a planned national weekend of action and will go from 5:45pm to 7pm, at the Wendy's on 1737 E. 17th Street in SanTana and urges the fast-food giant to follow the spirit of Valentine's Day and sign onto the Fair Food Program. What is that? The CIW wants Wendy's to pay Florida's tomato pickers a penny more per pound of tomatoes picked in the fields--that would double most worker's salaries to about $14,000 a year. 

Crazy-ass socialism? Tell that to McDonald's, Subway, Burger King, and Taco Bell, who all have taken the penny plunge and still rake in the moolah. 

See you all radical protesters, non-protesters and hardcore vegetarians there!

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Wait, we've been told that if we don't have illegal immigrants working at slave labor wages, lettuce will cost $5/head and tomatoes $7/pound. 

Now you are saying growers can pay one penny more per pound and *double* pickers' salaries? So for a nickel more we can quintuple workers salaries to $35000 per year? So that, you know, some lower income Americans might actually find it pays to work in the fields rather than collect welfare, or college kids might be able to do a couple of months intense work in the summer and be able to pay for at least their dorm and food for a semester or two? 

At our 20 pounds per capita fresh tomato consumption, all those social benefits would cost a family of four a whopping $4.00.


They should give them at least 5 pennies more per pound.

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