Did the Diocese of Orange Hide Another Pedophile Priest in Baja California for Decades?

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The recent Archdiocese of Los Angeles document dump continues to reveal more and more with every plunge into the pedo-priest pool, specifically with Orange County angles. But the latest one comes as an especially strange story: the tale of one Wallace J. Daley.

Daley had lawsuits against him settled in 2006, back when the LA Archdiocese settled a bunch of them for about $600 million, but his personnel file wasn't released until this year. It showed that the priest ministered at Our Lady of Guadalupe in SanTana in the mid-1970s...then disappeared into Baja.

Like, seriously disappeared. Before the Diocese of Orange split off from the LA Archdiocese, Daley was listed in The Official Catholic Directory as being in charge of the small parish in the Delhi barrio. Upon the split, Daley wasn't listed anywhere in the 1977 edition...then pops up as "On duty outside the diocese," which is where priests are placed when not ministering locally but frequently served as a euphemism for pedo-priests who were exiled to poorer parishes somewhere in the world. In Daley's case, his personnel files only say he was near El Rosario, which is about 200 miles from anywhere in Baja.

In 1988, Daley magically popped up for one year in Orange County--first, St. Joachim in Costa Mesa, then a brief stint at the Mission. Then, back to Baja until he passed away in 2000 (his victim wouldn't come forward until 2002). The mysterious disappearance seems veeeery similar to the case of Eleuterio Ramos, the worst-ever pedo-priest in Orange County history, who was scurried to a children's parish in Tijuana to make sure he wasn't arrested by the cops for molesting another boy. And actually, this long-term exile seems more similar to the case of Franklin Buckman, a priest who spent decades ministering at an Indian reservation in Oregon after the legal heat became too much.

Did the Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown ever disclose that Daley--one of his own priests--was accused of pedophilia? Is new Bishop Kevin Vann any good? Heckuva job, Brownie!

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The whole organization of the Catholic Church were unaware of the activities performed by Mahoney and the rest of the corrupt cardinals and priests. Therefore, the Catholic Church as a whole should not be punished for their misdeeds. It's like if Gustavo likes playing patty cake with the kids, does that make the whole OC Weekly staff pedophiles, I guess not.


The Diocese of Orange Bishops, including Brown and Vann have obviously HID many sexual predators throughout the years, with the assistance of attorneys licensed to practice law who took an oath to protect the laws of the land.... the same laws that were ignored when precious children were sexually abused year after year, without criminal prosecutions by law enforcement officials that also took an oath to protect the public.

One cannot help but wonder if the Diocese of Orange is somehow finding ways to profit from their failures to protect and report as mandated by law.... afterall, when will it all stop?  Obviously, no one from the Diocese of Orange, Servite Catholic HS or the Orange County District Attorney's office notified California's Commission for Teaching Credentials that Servite teacher Zachary Reeder was charged with 110 felonies involving illegal acts because Reeder's teaching credential is still considered valid in the State of California.  See www.ctc.ca.gov.

NOTHING HAS CHANGED.... no child, adult, employee or family is safe in the OC as long as these types of crimes (failures to report, etc.) continue without criminal prosecution. 

paullucas714 topcommenter

Word is the Pope is resigning because he has had all the cases of priest pedophilia in the world sent to him directly to investigate and it was nigh that he was going to be forced to reveal all that he knew. I wonder of the new Pope will finally come clean to the world of what the church knew and did to cover  up the crimes. An incredible documentary on pedophilia and cover  up in the church is paying on HBO on loop I think its called Something to Talk About. Its incerdible and will blow your mind from the extent of the abuse as well as the cover up.


I don't know about Fr. Wally, but I was amused at the Destruction of the Brea high School gym, by the good old Servite Friars fans.

I heard it's going to cost the boys $10,000. and  their Senior night.....that is unless PEDO-PROTECTOR Matt "Jubal" Cunningham steps up and covers the vadalism.

Oh, did I mention the lowly public school Wildcats kicked the shit out of the Servite team on the court.

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

@FFranco80 ...except it went all the way to the top. Nice to see you apologize for pedophile protectors, too!

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

@SERVITESUCKS In all fairness to Matt, he protected a pedo-protector in John Urell—which, if you think about it, is far worse!

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