Sid Landau Suffers Another Setback in Bid to End Sexually Violent Predator Status

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Landau appealed in 2011, and the state appellate court found that the judge erred and remanded the case. Last year, Orange County Superior Court Judge W. Michael Hayes ruled Landau deserved a new hearing.

Sid Landau, Pedophile Hounded into State Mental Hospital, Wants Out

Landau petitioned the appeals court again because of delays in a new trial court hearing, but in a ruling dated Feb. 7, the panel of justices in part blamed his own attorneys, who'd repeatedly rescheduled proceedings.

Part of the panel's basis for finding reason for Landau's SVP status is something he sent in December 2003 to the brother and sister-in-law he wants to live with in New York if released: a box of belongings containing pornography. Then there are the 18 boxes he mailed to a relative from 2003-2006 that included pictures of a boy on a bed in underwear and actor Russell Crowe kissing a boy on the forehead, articles about a boy who exposed himself online and children getting lost at water parks and pamphlets on daycare centers, babysitting businesses, Walt Disney World and wholesale toy stores. The justices believe Landau mistakenly included these, wanting to keep them as currency to trade with fellow patients.

But the justices also found Landau has claimed his sex drive ground to a stop because of health issues, which include heart problems and Asperger's syndrome, and that he has vowed to always remain under adult supervision to keep him away from children. His defense has also noted Landau's sister-in-law has pledged a "zero tolerance policy" that would have her immediately contacting authorities should he stray. She and Landau's brother also say they will not allow him to have a dog, as he in the past used pets to lure children, according to the justices.

Another Superior Court hearing on Landau's SVP status is scheduled next Friday, Feb. 22. Meanwhile, the state Supreme Court has been asked to overturn a separate appellate court ruling clearing the way for prosecutors to have a psychological expert interview Landau yet again.

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Just a tiny correction- not much really.. but the second jury was deadlocked 8-4 to keep him in- not for release. The first jury was indeed 11-1 for release. And I do know that is it really hard to understand unless you sat in the jury box for 2.5 months as to why there were 11 on that first jury and 4 of us on the second. But, in a nutshell- if you commit a crime and you are sentenced and you serve your sentence- then you should be free to go. If you commit another crime, you get another trial and may just be returned to prison. To have the state simply decide which crimes this rule does not apply to seems really unfair. 

Yes, I know what he did was terrible. it he served his time for it. And if the state has a problem with the amount of time given and served- then they need tougher sentencing laws not "false" imprisonment. Can you imagine how this would work with all crime?  "oh, you robbed a liquor store? sold pot, tax fraud..whatever...served your time and are done...going home.... oh.. WAIT!!!.. we are pretty sure you will just do it again .. so we are not letting you out- we are just gonna keep you indefinitely". If you want out, get a petition ready they can just simply say , neeewwwp. maybe in a few years. 

Anyway, best of luck to him and boo to the state of California. 


Why does his family even suggest letting him live with them? Seems like it would be brain damaging just to be around him!!

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