Robert Pimentel, Retired Teacher Accused of Having Sexually Abused a Dozen Girls in LA, Allegedly Victimized One of Them in OC, Too

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Newport Beach retiree Robert Pimentel, who is fighting charges he touched at least 12 little girls sexually during his Los Angeles Unified School District teaching career, committed lewd acts on one of the victims in Orange County, according to authorities.

Already facing criminal counts tied to that girl's experiences in LA County, the OC disclosure pads the charges against the former fourth-grade teacher at George De La Torre Jr. Elementary School in Wilmington.

Most charges against Pimentel concern girls who the 57-year-old allegedly abused between September 2011 and March 2012, the same month he retired after learning he was under investigation. That move saved his pension and other benefits.

The girl said to have withstood continual abuse in Los Angeles County between Jan. 1, 2002, and Sept. 24, 2004, also turned up as one of four victims in a Newport Beach Police Department investigation, according to LA County prosecutors. The Orange County District Attorney's office is said to have declined to file charges, asking for more investigation of the September 2004 incident. That case file was recently turned over to LA's prosecutors.

Pimentel, who LA authorities arrested in Newport Beach on Jan. 23, now faces 16 felony counts: eight each of continuous sexual abuse and committing a lewd act on a child.

He joined LAUSD in 1974, so there are obviously fears the abuse dates back even longer than indicated by the current charges. If you know something that can help the continuing  investigation, contact Los Angeles police detectives at 213.486.0570.

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Meghan Tracy
Meghan Tracy

His pension should be put into a trust fund to pay for the therapy all these children are going to need.

Peyton Farquhar
Peyton Farquhar

He looks like a pedophile. But regardless of the outcome, he will still continue to collect his six figure pension.


Does this mean that IF the OC District Attorney and/or Newport Beach Police Department prosecuted Pimentel back in 2002 - 2004 for sex abuse allegations reported by a minor child back then in the OC, the children that were abused between September 2011 through March 2012, would have never be victims of heinous abuse crimes allegedly committed by Pimentel many years after the earlier reports of wrongdoing? 

Who does Pimentel know in the rich and famous OC?  Someone obviously ran interference on Pimentel's behalf?  And, if anyone doubts this type of "obstruction of justice" crime actually occurred and continues in the OC, then you have not thoroughly done your homework.  It is common knowledge that the rich, famous and politically-connected in the OC, especially individuals who do not pose a threat to exposing OC's law enforcement officials and OC Board of Supervisors as it relates to how well they all play the OSTRICH when self-serving interests are placed before the protections of children and families.

If I was a parent of a child in the LAUSD that was abused by Pimentel in 2011 - 2012, I would be FURIOUS and take action against the OC District Attorney and Newport Beach Police Department for ignoring the cries for help of an innocent child.  SHAME SHAME SHAME

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@CRIMECONCERNS It's also entirely possible cops brought the case to the DA, there was not enough evidence to win a conviction, and the DA kicked it back for more investigation. Perhaps the cops couldn't push the case any farther, although you'd hope LA cops and school officials were at least informed back then to keep an eye on the teacher.

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