Wanted: Orly Taitz Paralegal; Only Those Who Know Law (Unlike Queen Birfer) Need Apply

Anyone want to help lawyer/dentist/real estate saleslady/BSN Orly Taitz of Rancho Santa Margarita continue to clog courts across America with racist/partisan/unfounded/BSN litigation against the country's twice popularly elected president?

Well, then, you may be in luck.

Check out this ad a Navel Gazing reader plucked from craigslist:

Don't know if this is real or a hoax, although when into comes to the Queen of the Birfers' legal funny papers those may be mutually exclusive terms anyway.

Ah, well, at least she may be helping reduce the nation's unemployment rate by one eager worker. Although, considering her constant financial punishments issued by non-amused judges and constant cries for funds from her nutbar army to pay filing fees, travel costs and financial punishments issued by non-amused judges, you've got to wonder what's left to satisfy that hourly wage.

Hey, maybe her ol' pal Donald Trump can kick in a few shekels. That way ol' Orl would finally have someone around to actually explain the law to her.

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My guess is that it's a hoax. That's not the email address that Orly Taitz normally uses. It is, however, the name under which she posts comments on her blog. Also she said that she had hired a paralegal this past August 15. I could be wrong.

paullucas714 topcommenter

Send in Greg Diamonds contact information. Maybe they two opposite polar (bi-Polar) crazy will cancel each other out. LOL

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