The LA Archdiocese Released Their Sex-Abuse Files And Smacked Down Previous Pedo-Protectors; When Will the Diocese of Orange?

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Vann: The new Brownie?
Everyone and their mother is freaking out about all the revelations coming out of the sex-abuse scandal in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles after they released a bunch of once-secret personnel files on their pedo-priests. To that, we say "YAWN." There is very little new in those documents not already revealed in years past by enterprising reporters, of which there were really two in LA: former Los Angeles Times scribe William Lobdell (that is, before he became one of the biggest tools in Orange County spinning for Jim Righeimer in Costa Mesa) and Ron Russell of the late, great New Times LA.

Nevertheless, the LA archdiocese should be commended for their act, if only for this point: they are doing what the Diocese of Orange never did, and will probably never do.

For all of its self-backslapping about how transparent they were, the diocese under former Bishop Tod D. Brown NEVER released any priestly personnel files--they didn't find it important. I once asked Brownie during a press conference if he would ever make parishes provide those files the way he made them post his laughable Covenant with the Faithful, and His Eminence seethed. Brownie also kept around Monsignor John Urell, the crypt keeper to all the pederast secrets that all the bishops in Orange kept.

New Orange Bishop Kevin Vann can do like LA Archbishop José Gomez and rebuke his predecessor by publishing all of Orange's pedo-priest personnel files AND smack down Brownie and Urell (among others) with a divine pimp hand. How about it, Bishop? Show OC's Catholics and lost sheep like me that you mean business. Show us that you're serious about full transparency in this rotten diocese. Show the county how your predecessors conspired to cover up the rape of innocents. Strip all possible powers away from Brown. Ask Pope Benedict XVI to laicize Urell. Do it, and you have a new fan.

Don't do it? Business as usual, and the Diocese of Orange will just have to pop up again on our radar. The choice is yours!

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When the Diocese of Orange continues to employ a licensed attorney in California that refuses to register her legal married name with the California State Bar Association (Maria Michele Rullo), an attorney who at one time played HUMAN RESOURCE DIRECTOR under the name of Maria Schinderle, who was also assigned to answer the Diocese of Orange Sex Abuse Hotline, and then switched hats to act as  DIOCESE OF ORANGE GENERAL COUNSEL to ensure some type of sick twisted version of attorney-client privilege, you can bet your life savings that not one damn thing has changed in the Diocese of Orange during the past 10 years and long before. 

NO CHILD, adult or employee is safe from the "protected" sexual predators and life long employes that protected Diocesan monetary wealth versus precious children, those individuals that are mandated to report sex crimes and child endangerment.  Many sexual predators and Diocese of Orange employees have been rewarded for placing children at risk.... life long employment, free of civil and criminal prosecutions in a court of law.


He won't, but that's a great thought, Gustavo!  Of course even if he did release the files, he would have sanitized them with ammonia...  Carry on.  The war has just begun.


You think those 12,000 pages are something? How about the reams and reams of documents that have met their fate at the diocesan shredder? You know, the really good stuff. Rodger Dodger's bu-TT-boy knows all about that. Just ask him. LOL


I think that a wonderful start would be to release all of the files from Mater Dei High School - you know, the school that employed 13 active perpetrators? Oh yeah ... the school with the SAME administration they had during the Jeff Andrade/Stuenholtz years. I think that a lot of parents would be surprised to see how little has changed.

I dare Kevin Vann to prove me wrong


@jcasteix Tragically, if Kevin Vann cared at all about the safety of children and families, he would have taken action immediately upon commencing his new assignment as Bishop for one of the most affluent and politically-connected religious institutions in the U.S.  It is only about money  here in the OC and while families are deceived by Diocesan leaders who escaped accountability for many years, parents please guard your children.  Too many filthy secrets are protected from public disclosure....

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