Dr. Phil: "Explosive" Interview Today On Grisly Costa Mesa-Tied Murders

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This is a big deal...
On today's Dr. Phil show, a 25-year-old Orange County actress accused of being an accessory to a sensational 2010 double murder defends her innocence.

But pre-episode publicity hints that the interview with the veteran TV therapist may not have gone too well.

In promotional material, a hostile Dr. Phil confronts Rachel Mae Buffett about her role in the murders of Samuel Herr, 26, and Julie Kibuishi, 23.

Costa Mesa police detectives and Orange County prosecutors have charged Buffett with accessory charges for aiding actor Daniel Wozniak who is believed to have killed Herr at the Joint Forces Training Center at Los Alamitos and then Kibuishi in Herr's Costa Mesa apartment.

Wozniak, who has pleaded not guilty and was set to marry Buffet at the time of the crimes, remains in custody inside the Orange County Jail and is awaiting trial.

Also appearing on the show are Stephen Herr, the victim's grieving father, and District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, although acclaimed homicide prosecutor Matt Murphy is handling trial duties.

The show teases: "Is Rachel a victim or did she help cover up a crime?"

Go HERE to see Matt Coker's original coverage of the crime and HERE to read my review of Wozniak's bizarre, 2011 featured appearance on MSNBC's Lockup.

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949girl topcommenter

I watched the episode.  I was surprised at how little the DA has on her to bring charges, which is quite scary. 

The 3 things that the DA has on her to charge her with accessory was that she said the victim was having family problems, that Dan was with a third person and that she said she went to bed after a performance when in fact evidence shows she went on Facebook instead of immediately going to bed.

 I think she did what most people might do when they fiancee is suspected of committing a crime which is believing they are innocent. Sounds like Dan is a crazy sociopath that had a lot of people fooled.  

18usc241 topcommenter

Dr. Mr. Rackauckas, since you have enough time to be on TV shows, then you have enough time to answer my question about the "don't use false name and/or date of birth" admonition by the OC Superior court. 

You know, the admonition I'm clueless about and which probably destroyed my engineering career? 

949girl topcommenter

I'm definitely setting my DVR for this one!

JGlanton topcommenter


You really think that you are well enough to have had an engineering career? Worked with others every day in a team environment to achieve a common goal? Gone out to lunch with your fellow workers in their green Toyota Camry's and made small talk about sports and family? It ain't for everybody, and I've seen paranoid people with mental health issues wash out quickly and end up on welfare and disability. And they always say that there is a conspiracy against them by the system. There's this 'engineer' guy I knew who had a problem with Mustangs, made him crazy to see them because he thought they were following him. Sound familiar? It didn't end well for him.

JGlanton topcommenter


Me too, what the heck. I have never watched Dr. Phil, but now I have a reason.

18usc241 topcommenter

@JGlanton @18usc241 Yes Nostradamus, for 14 years on tracking projects in Bogota, Colombia for the American company of former Rockwell International chief engineers.  Worked so well with my fellow co-workers that I was the Senior Quality assurance engineer. Not impressed with your additional ramblings. 

Geez Gustavo/Moxley, I thought these OC status quo apologists/commentators  would be a tougher fight. 

949girl topcommenter

@JGlanton @949girl My dvr is set!  I really can't stand Dr. Phil but I am curious to see what she has to say.  It's really not a smart idea for her to do this.  They can play her interview in her trial and it could come back to hurt her if she is guilty or lying.

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