Downtown Fullerton Art Walk 3-Year Anniversary THIS FRIDAY in--Where Else?--Downtown Fullerton!

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Photo by Josue Rivas
A Josue Rivas original, hopefully to be up on Friday
Contrary to what some people may whisper, we at this infernal rag LOVE downtown Fullerton--have loved it since even before the Reagan Years was around. Hell, if we didn't love it, why would we stage "Gustavo's Awesome Lecture Series!" at the Fullerton Public Library? Or give beaucoup love to the many great restaurants down there? Or hire downtown Fullerton artist Josue Rivas as our photo intern? In fact, we love Fullerton so much that it's making Anaheim jealous!

And the love continues this Friday, as artists, freaks, and other folks celebrate the third anniversary of downtown Fullerton's artwalk with food trucks, new exhibits, and other desmadre.

Artist and teacher Jesse La Tour (whom you'll read more about in our pages very soon...) did a video celebrating the occasion.

Congrats to the artists down there for a job well done. Find out all the details here, and see you there!

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please pause and ponder my art work titled "sharon the Optimist". A middle-aged woman stands in front of a rusting, falling apart, yellow school bus. Food stamps dangle from her fingers and a lice infestation explodes from her hair. the painting is an allegory,

the dilapidated bus shows logic, reason, knowledge have fled this scene. Now the proverbial cuckoo nests in this bus. The hand that dangles food stamps symbolizes the apathy and dullness that occurs when persons choose childish dependence over the driving desire to endeavor and excel in life. The lice reflects the  contagion that sickens others when a  person poses as an artist yet expresses no imagination, creativity or skill in their art.

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