Dana Rohrabacher Quietly Erased His High Twitter Praise of Hillary Clinton

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For more than two decades, Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has attempted to rewrite history to mask his numerous political and ethical blunders.

But Rohrabacher's latest venture into audacious spin involves erasing history.

On Jan. 20, the Weekly reported that the Costa Mesa Republican known for his often inane ramblings had showered unexpected lofty praise on Hillary Clinton, a likely 2016 Democratic Party presidential candidate.

These are the exact words Rohrabacher typed into his Twitter account on Jan. 19: 

The statement must have alarmed or outraged the fringe rubber chicken circuit that usually celebrates Rohrabacher as a trusty pit bull for rightwing conspiracy theorists.

After Clinton testified for Rep. Ed Royce's House Foreign Affairs committee on Jan. 23, Rohrabacher quietly erased his words from Twitter without explanation.

I've personally confronted the congressman several times over the years about his tendency to toy with facts. For example, he likes to tell veterans that he's "bled for this country," even though he carefully avoided all military duty when he was eligible to fight in Vietnam. In another case he publicly lambasted then-President Bill Clinton for allowing satellite technology transfers to communist China, even though I found a letter he personally signed calling for that same transfer.

So did the congressman--who first ran for Congress in 1988 hailing the necessity of "term limits" to clean up corruption in Washington and has remained in office for a quarter of a century--merely want to delete from the record his Clinton praise because of embarrassment? 

Or, did Rohrabacher want to remove his claim that he is "not about to sling mud at" Clinton so he could violate that promise without looking like a hypocrite?

You be the judge.

After deleting the entry, Orange County's senior career politician called Clinton "the Queen of Deceit" at least three times of Twitter. Another time he called her a person who has made "deceit an art form."

But the brazen flip flop isn't entirely what makes Dana Dana.

While slinging mud at Clinton and calling her names he was berating his own numerous critics on Twitter for, that's right, calling him names.

"Ur wrong 2 make attacks on the person with whom U disagree," the pooka shell necklace wearing congressman declared to one.

Rohrabacher Pearls.jpg
"He wears a pearl necklace."

That's the beauty of Rohrabacher. He's a con artist. He sees no contradiction in lecturing others about name calling while expertly practicing the art of the smear himself. He sees no problem lecturing Clinton on shameless deceit even while he slyly scrubs his own words from history.

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The "exact words" you refer to exceed the max number of characters for a tweet. 

18usc241 topcommenter

Orwellian level hypocrisy seems to be a prerequisite for political and law enforcement leadership positions in Orange County, CA


I can think of no better microcosm of the shift to "us vs them" politics than this story. Dana clearly has no interest in working with people that are not of his party. He and everyone else who thinks this way needs to be booted the hell out.


Editing note, Dana "The Surfing Chickenhawk" Rohrbacher began his tenure in the House of Representin' in 1989, not 1998. Perhaps his idea of a term limit is limiting the terms to to span only 2 centuries.

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@BobLoblawsLawBlog Thanks for the typo correction. Dana first ran in '88 and entered Congress in January '89 claiming that he would only stay for six years.

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